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    "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I had no control over."<br><br>~Kian<333~<br> -When I talk to you, I smile<br> When I see you, I laugh<br> I'm so glad we are together. <3<br><br> PM me if you want to talk.<br><br>~Loola~

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  1. My Mac is pretty junky. It's like super old, runs really slow, and can't really stream a video. But, I live.
  2. I think you only have to have a majority of points in the smart section.
  3. >.> sounds like my mom. I would just ignore him.
  4. Umm... Yes! Duh, if a robot can cry, it can totally hiccup. ;D
  5. Well, for dance I practiced the splits everyday, and after I week I could do the right leg splits. =] All I did was go in a straddle and try to lay the top half of my body down to the ground as low as possible, everyday, then just try to do the splits. Now I'm a lot more flexible too. Mainly, just try streching the top parts of your legs, then they'll be able to split.
  6. It's in the same group as the coconut? lol. I don't pay close attention, I can't eat popcorn anyway, makes me sick. D;
  7. 0.0 That is freaky. They probably won't question you because he didn't know you that well. Probably just his good friends. I hope they find him!
  8. Aw that sucks... The world didn't go up in flames though ;] Concert saren't alwasy that amazing, I went to one, and we couldn't even see. >.>
  9. Well, I havwe fish, a frog, and a dog, so I didn't vote. I also used to have to outdoor turtle, one died, and the other ran away D=
  10. 0_o Oh God.... A teacher got stuck between two desks when she was trying to walk through. xD We were doing this play thing, and one girl was Queen Elizabeth (the 'Virgin' Queen), and you had this card where you read like one line. So, she read one and the teacher said read another and she said really oudly 'I'm a Virgin' xDD everyone was like cracking up, and I don't think she got it, oh god, the teacher was like 'No, virgin queen' good times..
  11. I forgot the wrench! =O And I love how they all like speak spanish. =D
  12. You probably just need to take a break from them. I kinda feel the same way this year, so I'm trying to meet all the people I don't really know, but they are all in their little groups, so it's not really working. But that's the good thing about TT, you can meet new people, and you can't really get sick of them.
  13. Just pretend she's not there. If she starts talking to you pretend to keep walking or like walk through her to get somewhere else. Completely ignore her, if she wants to be mean, she'll pay the price, her fault.
  14. It's great Pockey~ that's the one I voted for. -cheer-