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  1. I'm still here, kinda. Things have changed alot, there aren't any users I remember.
  2. Wow. Over 1000 views. Thank you all who read my log. I dedicate this paragraph and the next 2 minutes to you. Oh yeah, happy (belated) Independence Day! <- I was going to make it red, white, and blue, but the white woudn't have shown up.
  3. Well, I'm back (obviously). This time, I'm not going to give you all, my cherished and most beloved readers, an update, nor am I going to make any logging promises. Hmm. I have nothing else to say so... Bye.
  4. Jeez, I didn't know I was so dramatic. Right now I actually don't remember this event vividly, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't weep, cry myself to sleep, or becomed depresse -- just overly-dramatic. I really need to stop overreacting to small things (it turned out that I just really ticked them off, and they didn't hate me). Now things with the two previously mentioned people ands all my other friends are as close to normal as they can be (Considereing how much of an odd group we are).
  5. No. Shows like these are why I never watch Nickelodeon. Ever.
  6. 今日は! <--- *Note* If you want to read this but can't, you'll need to install the Japanese language font on your computer. Hola! Hello! Wow, I'm in shock, I'm truly surprised. 900 views! I'd like to thank all of you who read my log. Especially, shelbysaurous, thanks for taking the time to read this log of mine. さよなら、<--- *See the above note* Adios, Bye for now, deemack199725
  7. *Sigh*, right now I want to cry. Today, I decided to sit with my 'old' friends at their table at lunch. Bad choice. While I was there I learned that, A. Both Emma and Katie hate me B. A lot of my 'old' friends are "jerks" and "several words I cannot type here" C. I need to choose better friends However, I do have some good news: Henry, left early, and I got a baby girl who hatched at 9:22; I named her Hope. I'm going to go read my book, and then cry myself to sleep. I think I may be depressed.
  8. It's time for an UPDATE. Today sometime around 3:00 PM, Henry turned 6. 4:23 PM- The matchmaker came (I made her come), Henry got married, and now he has a girl. Nothing much after that.
  9. Henry turned 5 yesterday, I might try to get the Machmaker to come.
  10. Naruto mostly, but I also watch ,or have watched: Bleach, Inuyasha, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Pokemon, Death Note, Ranma 1/2, and many others that I'm to lazy to list.
  11. I don't have Disney XD, but I am watching them online.
  12. New color system! V4 and V4.5 = DarkRed My Life = Black V5 and Music Star = DarkCyan
  13. Hey, I found my v4! Unfortunately, he a so I'm going to have to keep a close eye on him. Stats!: Hungry:♥ Happy:♥♥♥♥ Training:||| Pencil:0 Star-thing:0 Flower:6 Age:3 Weight:33 Name:Henry Gender:Boy G:7th Points: 29,550 P As you can see, I'm a crappy caretaker!
  14. 今日は、 Hey, I haven't found my tamagotchi yet, over the weekend I have to devote my time to search for it. Wish me luck!