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  1. Hey, I was just wondering if any of you were in band , and what insturment you played. I play clarinet, alto sax., flute, pic., bells, the set, and kinda the trumpet. I'm in wind Ensemble!!! YAY! lol so ya just write down ur insturments, n ur fave one. My fave would be the Eb (flat) Saprano Clarinet, or maybe the contra bass, not sure, it's close.lol TL
  2. BTW, a hodag is a fictional being, developed by some person long ago, to attract tourists, i belive. It is like a big green monster-looking thing with horns on its head, and down it's back, and long teeth. lol, people ask me about it alot, TL
  3. Mine is a hodag, and our colors are green and white.
  4. I ahve to chew an even number of times on both sides of my mouth, always have to cont to 8,462 before going to sleep, always walk an even number of steps, and if i'm walking down stairs that are an odd number, I skip either the first or last one, I Won't go near clowns or spiders, I dont like under- or over-passes, bridges, or long, narrow hallways, I wont end a sentence with the word 'cotton', and that's just some of them. lol. I have alot of stuff. I guess that you could say I have some O.C.D. lol okay, maybe a lot, lol TL
  5. I ahve only 3 dogs now and 3 cats and a brother lol just kidding. We have a lot of other anlimals, but those are our more 'domestic' animlas lol
  6. Ya, I've never heard of a mi mini city. Could you explain what it is please? Thanks!! TL
  7. I have black hair. I wanna bleach it and put in pink, green and blue streaks, and maybe purple TL
  8. If I recall correctly, they evolve at age 3 or 4, and sometimes ont even untill age 5 or 6. I guess it just depends on your tama.
  9. Thanks! I might get one to see if it's fun or not. If I don't like it, I'll give it to my sister, because she likes tama's also lol. TL
  10. My favourite would have to be kutchipatchi. He's more laid back, easy going, just like me! Ya, he's been my fave ever scince I got my first tamagotchi in '96. Whoa, now looking back on it, it seems like a long time. Man, i feel old now lol. TL
  11. Hi. I'm deciding wether or not I should get V.5. Could someone please tell me what they get to do and stuff and why they are or are not better than the V4.5. I've heard both positive and negetive things from some of my friends, so if someone could help me out, I'd be very thankful. Thanks!!, TL