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  1. Please help me...I was doing my homework and forgot my she and her baby fell aspleep with ZERO hearts of happiness but 3 for hunger. Will she leave in the morning? Oh, I hope not...
  2. Oops...just realized the date is AUGUST 15. I have this freaky prob with mixing August and October...sorry
  3. My tamagotchis just fell asleep awhile ago...with 2 hearts for hunger and 2 or 3 for happiness. Two fell asleep with "waste" on the screen. Will they be okay come morning? I'm worried...
  4. I just changed batteries a few minutes ago! I found Energizer batteries at Target. Good luck!
  5. I want to join! Actually, mine didn't hatch till evening, but she's basically on the same page as yours. Can I join?
  6. Tamagotchi's Name: Oddra, Jerre, and Piaa Tamagotchi's Age: 8 years for all 3 Date of Birth: Oddra: 10-1-04; Jerre and Piaa: 10-2-04 Date of Passing: 10-10-04 at midnight; so actually it's 10-11-04 What Generation? Oddra: 3G; Jerre and Piaa: 1G Your Comments: Oddra and Piaa were Kuchipatchis; Jerre was a Tarakotchi. Oddra leaves behind a sweet baby boy, Kenne, from a Masktchi father; Piaa and Jerre had two little baby girls together, Pixy and Joony. These guys had such personality: Oddra loved eating cookies and coffee; actually this is a pre-departure post so Oddra, who is on a messed-up time schedule, is enjoyed her treat as I type while the other two sleep:) Jerre was given a skateboard by Piaa before they had Pixy and Joony so he got some exercise doing that And Piaa had a blast bathing herself! I'll miss you guys and I'll be sure to take care of those little babies
  7. Susy, my Tama, just went to bed with only 1 heart of happiness. Will she be okay tomorrow? I am worried that she will leave because she is unhappy. Will her level decrease to no happy hearts overnight? Thanks!
  8. I was tempted to reset as well...but I am glad I didn't, Piaa has become such a joy! Sorry you feel bad Hope you enjoy that little boy though!
  9. My first Tamagotchi's original battery first ran out a couple of weeks ago, after only about a week and a half of use. I replaced it and have not had any batteries run out since! And only 2 out of my 5 Tamagotchis came with extra batteries--they were purchased before the rest, in September, at KMart. But I just got a new Tama at KMart tonight and it did not come with extra batteries. Enjoy your Tama!
  10. UPDATE! I got a new Tama! Here are little Susy's stats: Name: Susy Generation: 1G Type: Babytchi Girl Case: Purple w/ swirls case
  11. Tonight I got a new Tama...all because K-Mart had a $12.99 sale! Her name is Susy...another girl! I was sort of hoping for a boy so that one of my other baby girls could have a mate, but I love Susy! She is in a purple with swirls case. PS: Does anyone think I'm nuts for having 5 tamagotchis? Is this normal?!?!?!?
  12. Actually, the Matchmaker came for my Oddra at 4:45 yesterday afternoon! So watch her all day! She will come sooner or later.
  13. Thanks so much! Stevy just woke up and is fine!
  14. Well, I have had a similar experience. My first Tama, Odet, was a girl, she had a girl, Emale, and then Emale had a girl, Oddra! During this time I bought 2 more tamagotchis, actually this was before Oddra was born. They were both girls! The day I bought the second new girl, Piaa, my mom felt great sympathy for me as I now believed that females could only have baby girls and went and bought another one that she would "own". So, guess what! That Tama turned out to be a boy!!! My first boy! And then both Grasy and Oddra had boys! So there is still hope for you! Good luck!
  15. My very first Tama Connection, Odet, was a Masktchi! They are so cute! Mine enjoyed watching TV Enjoy! And my other Tama, Oddra, who is actually Odet's "granddaughter". had a baby boy with a Masktchi today!