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    ╔══╗♫<br>║██║<br>║(♥) I love dancing to the music. <br>╚══╝ I love color. And I hate to match XD<br>Hedge-hogs are adorable, and so are monkeys and ostrichs.<br><br> <O<br> {}<br> ll This is my ostrich. Don't ask.<br><br><br>I LOVE to draw. Never set an very important paper infront of me with a writing utensil near by. I will utterly ruin it with my fabulous art.<br><br>✭ I am a star!! <br><br>I am meant to be a fashion designer. I love poofy skirts, tube tops, ball dresses, over-alls, tank tops, short shorts, halters, sometimes the 70's style, and all those funky awesome outfits. And I cannot leave color out of my styles!!<br><br>I am overly dramatic. Just ask my friends.<br><br>I am a warrior who hates war. And it rox!

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  1. The vending machine won't take it, and pops back out, poking you in the eye. (That's for giving me a slug- I hate slugs!) I put in a slug because I want to get rid of it.
  2. You're banned because you banned me for not watching Mr. Who, whoever (heehee) he is!
  3. Correction: LOVES snails! The person above me apparently believes that sugar can speak, or at least go "rawr".
  4. Wait, did you still see the I HAS STIK picture? I changed it to a girly pink snail! :/ Anyway... 3/10. Sorry, not really my style.
  5. 54. Steal one of the plastic bags and then hide behind a corner. As someone walks by yell, "SNEAK ATTACK!!!" And throw the bag over the persons head and jump on them.
  6. jst Jamacian Sauces Taste... tastes like what? AGH! I will never know!!!!!
  7. Because you're obsessed with it. Why am I obsessed with snails?
  8. 48. At the checkout counter, keep asking for your receipt over and over and over even though the cashier has already given it to you. Keep it in plain sight, though. When the cashier points it straight out to you, blink nervously at it, biting your lips. Then suddenly grab it and stuff it in your mouth and chew. Then, after a few seconds ask normally, "Receipt pleasE?"
  9. Highscore! I just BEAT your Angry Birds highscore, Ninjasauras!!! >:-D
  10. I haven't changed my wallpaper in forever. It's a huge picture of Harry Potter's face and a bit of Hermonie and Ron as they run in a forest, it's from Movie 7, Part 1. I told you I hadn't changed in forever. Usually, I just go on my mom's computer account anyway and hers is a boring daisys picture. :/ My phone wallpaper is more interesting- it's an adorable snail. <3
  11. Out comes Jennifer Lopez. (Quick, hit her with a stick!) Puts in a snail- sorry, little guy.