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  1. Admin I think the prize should be tamagotchi toys and/or acceseries. The contest I would like is who knows the most about tamas? A true tama fan like myself should know tons of stuff about tamas. Tamagotchi #1 fan jessie101
  2. just relax u must have clicked the exit icon sooner or later u will get another ! mail to get a job click the A button to see different jobs and click the B when u see a job u want. if your tama has evolved from an adult to a grandma or grandpa u cant get a job. hope ive helped jessie101
  3. hello yes they can get married again. how do i no? ive done it with previos versions jessie101
  4. hello A group hatching is when people gather together with tamas and all click reset at the same time so when u have an adult girl or boy someone in the group will have the opposite gender and can mate with your tama. Mating works best on v.5. Pm me if u have a v.5 jessie101
  5. *Note from binary: This code works only on the regular V5 This code does not work on the V5 Celebrity nor V5.5 An easy way to determine whether you have a regular V5 or a V5 Celebrity or V5.5 is to check which games are on it. The built-in games on the regular V5 are: TV Surfing Tea Time Golf Putt (available from second generation) Shoe Pairs (available from second generation) The built-in games on the V5 Celebrity & V5.5 are: Tama Fans Pool Play Tennis Safe Box Cue Ball (available from second generation) Jewels (available from second generation) _____________________________________________________________________* Hello I found a v.5 special code that fills up the happiness hearts. 04932 64130 when the present opens all your tamas start jumping like after u cleaned up there poo. which means do it when just hatched and u won`t have to play with them so much. jessie101
  6. hello baby takes one hour. Child two days after evolved. teenager two days after evolved. Adult two days after evolved. two days before u can get married. jessie101
  7. hello from preivios versions it takes 48 hours untill u can get married. jessie101
  8. hello my tama is still a child age 3 days old v.5 HELP ME MY USER NAME IS jessie101
  9. hello u should have access to the dating show once you have an adult. can u please help me? my tama has been a child for 3 days i don`t know wat to do. i really need help. jessie101 is my tama talk username. jessie101
  10. hi this is one of my v.5 codes go to special and enter these numbers 04932 64130 i helped u now u help me. my tama family has been a child for 3 days. is his a glitch should i reset it ? or should i wait. if i wait it has a week before i reset it. thats long enough right? my user name 4 tama talk is jessie101 please help me!!!!!!! jessie101
  11. hello i`m sorry to say i can`t help u.but can u help me? my tama family is the blended family and my tama has been a kid for 3 days.usually tamas r teenagers in one day is this a glitch? should i reset my tama please help me. jessie101
  12. Hello When your tamas evolve they are no longer the same type of tama. The name you see there is the type of tamagotchi it is. I NEED HELP TOO MY V.5 TAMA WON`T EVOLVE INTO TEENAGERS! PLEASE TELL ME HOW LONG THIS TAKES. jessie101
  13. hello It says on the panthlet that u get the petite family if u haven`t been taking care of your tama when it was younger. p.s How long does it take for o v.5 to transform into an teenager because my tama has been a child for 3 days and still hasn`t transform! PLEASE HELP ME jessie101
  15. hi Tamas are for people who enjoy taking care of pets people etc. You can never be too old for Tamas. And the v.5 is better than v.4 and v4.5