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  1. ur not chio chan :o

    u WISH

  2. I have been her for about... 1 year? I not that sure...
  3. BAM!!! Sakura:Ouch... *throws infinity snow balls at everyone*
  4. Bam! SPLAT! Sakura:Miss!! *throws ∞ icecreams at porygonlord & Starlight Mametchi!*
  5. BAM BAM BOOF!!! Sakura:Uggg... *throws ∞ megatons nuke at porygonlord and Starlight Mametchi* Hah HA
  6. I think this is normal. When I played one of my 3d games and minimize it; when I opened the game again, the graphics were scrambled and then the computer crashes. I think that the computer is not strong enough to put the picture & the game back on the screen when you re-minimize the Sims game so it appears to look scrambled. Hoped I helped. ~Sakura Starfire
  7. Rabbit color: Rainbow If you can't do that can I have blue please.
  8. Sorry. ~Chiyo-Chan _________________ *throws a snowball that weighed ∞ megatons at the person below me*
  9. What my sister says is true. I wanna pwn porygonlord as well! To Becca Juice: DON'T help porygonlord! ___________________________________ Sakura:*Throws ∞ coconuts at porygonlord* Thats what u get for calling us cheats!
  10. Sakura:*heals Chiyo-Chan and throws a ∞∞∞∞ mad alians at porygonlord* Hah HA
  11. Sakura:*throws a ∞ megaaton nuke at porygonlord*
  12. I'm only gonna post somewhere else If your "helpers" eat everything I throw at you. ~Sakura ______________________________________________________________________________ Sakura:*Gets net out**all food falls in there* Hah ha! *throws a coconut at porygonlord*
  13. It is stating to get unfair with mr q around... ___________________________________________ SPLAT! Pikachu:PIKA CHU PI PI PIKA!?!?! (WHY ME!?!?!) Sakura:Jeez,Pikachu don't stand infront of me! *Throws a poop patty at porygonlord!*
  14. If you asked about the Guardian bit, I'm not telling! _____________________________________________ Sakura:Grrrr...*gets out ??? ball* Mr Q:Huh? *Gets capture by ball* Congratulations! You caught Mr Q!! Now will self destruct... 5.... 4.... 3... 2... 1... 0! Kaboom!!!! Sakura:Hah HA!!! *throws a chocolate TV at porygonlord!(Yay! It is a chocolate TV!!)*