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  1. Actually, I think the pause feature is an excellent explanation. From a programming standpoint, when you "pause" one of the imported tamagotchies, what you're doing is stopping time completely. With the American version, pausing it will stop time for your tamagotchi, but the clock will continue to run. Thus, the small beeping is simply a counter to keep track of time when paused. Yea... I could go into more detail of how it probably works but I don't have the time atm.
  2. My last post in a different thread got me thinking. How exactly do the tamagochies talk to each other when you connect them. Do both tamagotchi's stats play into who wins? I'm starting to think not... for example: You're connecting two tamagotchies A and B. Hoping to give A a present, you use that one to connect the two at the standby screen. B fails, yet A jumps up to play a game. B goes back to milling around, and A wins the game and gains a heart. Now, how did A know it was going to win if B didn't send it any information? Better yet, how did it get tricked into "connecting" when B failed? Thus, I would assume since A knew it was going to win w/o data from B, the person connecting determines the outcome of the match. Or does when B fail it is still trying to send out information that A gets, and B just doesn't get the data from A. Hehe, still, there's nothing more frustrating than one tamagotchi going to give another a present, and the other one fails and doesn't get it. There's nothing more sad than a tamagotchi playing a game against itself and loosing...
  3. if you don't keep them at the "stand by" screen very long then connecting them doesn't take much power. After you hit connect on one, they tell each other what's going to happen and they stop talking.
  4. hehe, yea, I do believe Tamagoyaki swooned when she opened it. The clear blue is easily the best looking one that I've seen, except maybe for the black one.
  5. Play-Asia ran out of the clear blue tamagotchies.... Since it's a limited edition version does that mean they won't be getting any more of them in? Does anyone know of a second place that offers the clear blue version online? (hehe, I have no want for a pink tamagotchi... )
  6. If you hold the back of your tamagotchi up to your ear, you'll hear a beeping noise that beeps every half second. Um.... does anyone know why it does that? Does it have a purpose or is it just tappin out a beat to the internal clock. Doesn't it waste battery power to cause the beeping noise? Is it really that important?