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  1. Currently I have a Harptchi on my Tama Deco Pierce, and I was wondering: If i got a Pianitchi via Melody Land Deco Pierce, would I be able to connect to the other Deco Pierces? I have Baby Change and Dream Coffret Also thanks
  2. Ok, so I know you guys are ALL going to KILL me! I know, I haven't updated in MONTHS!!!!!!! I've been terribly busy, and poor Neru has been on pause for a long time! But since I'm taking a break (FINALLY) in my freshman year of school, I'm going to be updating every day for the next week or so! I'll be posting pictures tomorrow! You better be! I mean, you haven't updated in like YEARS!!!! Calm down, Neru, I promised I would come back! I would NEVER leave this log! It's already gotten so many views, and so many people are following it! Yeah, really, you should be more CONSISTENT with your posts! Guys! Chillax! I'm trying! Hmmph! Well, time for an afternoon nap! FINALLY! See you next time! Neru, Kusa, and ~D~
  3. Hi guys! I'm sooooooo unbelievably sorry if I only got to post this one month later, but I've been busy! So, I'm going to put this log on hold FOR THE TIME BEING! I PROMISE I'LL BE BACK!!!
  4. Happy Birthday! To me, that is! It's my birthday, and since I haven't logged in sooo long, I will do it now! Happy Birthday ~D~!!!! Thanks, Neru! Thanks Kusa! Kusa? Kusa...? KuuuuuuuuuuSAAAAAAAA????? ....SURPRISE! I MADE A CAKE! Awwwwww.....thanks guys! You're the sweetest! Say Kusa, can we sing? No, I'm terrible at singing! Well don't fret, Neru, tomorrow's you're 10th birthday! Heheheheheh!!!!! Ok, see you guys soon!!!!! Neru, Kusa, ~D~
  5. Happy birthday xoswansxo! c:

  6. I know, I know! You're all gonna hate me for posting SOOOOOO late! Truth be told, I don't know if I can keep up with this log anymore, HOWEVER, what I believe is totally different from what I do! And this log has already come so far, and I refuse to give up now, SOOOOO, let the log began! I've actually been sending Neru and Kusa to day care (aka pausing), since I have too much school work to keep up with them, and now I want them to share there experiences of day care with you all! I hate Daycare! I love it! I don't get to see you at all, and the teacher makes us do all this annoying stuff, like games! And snack time is only Apple Sauce! I can't cope with Apple Sauce! I need my Pie and Candy! You're sooo lucky, Neru. I have to eat very healthy meals, like Apple Sauce, because my body is so fragile. My snack is always an Apple! Yuck! How you keep up with that, Kusa? It's not that hard, Neru, and you should eat healthier too! But I caaaaan't, I only get either Pie or Candy! And its always good pie and good candy! Listen, Kusa is right, Neru, you really should eat healthier. When you go to TamaHeaven, you have to look at the world with a different mindset. But I will. That, Neru, includes what you eat. You are what you eat. Would you like to be known as the flying Candy or flying Apple? Caaaaaandy, DUH! *sigh* Fine, anyways, bedtime now! It's late! Okok~ COMING~~~!!!!! Me too! See you tomorrow! Neru, Kusa, ~D~
  7. Hi guys, I'm sorry for the late reply! i'm sick, and I couldn't get the energy up to post this, plus, I had to finish my homework, which I also didn't it! Nooo! I told you not to move! I'll carry you! Um.....Neru..... NONONONONON, let me let me! Um..... I'mma go make breakfast! NERU! Um, yes Kusa? Just because she is sick doesn't mean she can't take care of herself. Nuh-uh, she's gonna pass out in a second, I know she is! What do you mean pass out? Nooooo, don't talk! You're gonna die!!! What.... Neru, I think you should go back to bed! No! NERU! You're not really making her feel better! Fine~*grumble grumble* See you next ti-ACHOOOOOO! Neru, Kusa, ~D~
  8. Hey guys! I'm sorry for not logging yesterday, I had a volleyball game, which went 'til 7:30, then I had about a ton of homework! Oh yeah, we won! Go JV-BALL! We call it 'JV-Ball' because 'JV-VBALL' gets very repetitive. Anyway, I'm very pleased to say this will be a legit log, with me, Neru, and Kusa, of course! It's about time we had a proper log! Yeah, it really is ~D~, you haven't logged in two days! Anyway, I'm happy to say that today we're gonna do something a little bit different, we're gonna do an interview with our cast! Of course, the audience has already scene one for Suka and Suko, you can check that out in some of the earlier files, but here we go! The first question goes to ....... Neru! Ok~! Neru, how old are you? I am 8 now~! What were you in the previous life? In my previous life, I think I was a Kutchipatchi, but I'm not entirely sure........I just remember I passed after only 1 day of being an adult. My, that's sad, isn't it? Ok, on to the next set of questions......for Kusa! You got it! Kusa, how old are you, in Tamagotchi years? Hmm, well, considering I've been here for 6 human years, thats 2,190 Tamagotchi years, however, ~D~ helped me out of the Tamagotchi world and into the Human World! In human years, I'm only 6! And Kusa, what was the most memorable thing you remember from the Tamagotchi World? Definitely the food! Have you try a MameMilkShake before? They're great! Anyway, that's the interview today! By the way, for any supports, please visit my Dragon egg at: http://dragcave.net/view/UB5X9 ! It's a very rare egg, and it only has 2 days left to hatch! I don't want to lose it, please help! Next time! Neru, Kusa, ~D~
  9. Good afternoon! After yesterday's log, I promised to try and spend as much time as possible with Neru and Kusa, who are doing just fine! However, Neru is currently napping, and Kusa in the bath, so I guess I'll just tell you what has been happening with them! I promise to upload pictures this weekend, I will not have the time to during this week, sorry! Onward with log! Today was the first day I tried bringing Neru to school! It worked very well! I checked on him whenever a period ended, a.k.a. every 45 minutes! I played a couple of games with him, and proceeded to feed him some candy! That's all for the log today, I know! It's very short, and I really really apologize, but I just need time to think where I am going to go with this log! I promise to update with Neru and Kusa later this evening! ~D~
  10. Good evening....I guess...... Yep! ~D~ is letting..........hey, Neru? What's wrong? You seem......sad? No, no~ I'm fine~It's just.....~D~ never spends time with us anymore...... *sigh* Neru, I already explained this to you. She doesn't have the time! I know, it's just, I really miss her! You know, Neru, she really cares about you a lot! I can tell! What do you mean? You see, if she were truly to busy to love you, she would have pulled out the batteries, and sent you back to heaven! *gasp* Have some people really done that? Not just some, Neru, most. There is a very big difference! It's just, we never see her anymore! Well, yes, Neru, that's part of life! And you're off to bed now, it's very late! Yes, Kusa! Next time we meet, Neru & Kusa
  11. Good morning~! Yep, again, ~D~ is very, very busy, so Neru and I will be logging ourselves today! Hum, she's always so busy! Yes, Neru, you'll have to get used to it! The farther we go into the school year, the less she'll be around with you to log! But, I just don't get this whole 'school' thing. Why is it so important? You see, Neru, we Tamagotchi are very lucky! When we grow up, we have our owners, like ~D~, who take care of us! But, when ~D~ grows up, she's gonna have to take care of herself, understand? But, doesn't she have an owner? No, Neru, it doesn't work like that. Her mother can't support her forever! That's why she plays games with us, see, when when we win games, we earn happiness and Gotchi! The Gotchi we earn helps her pay for our food! So, she can just play some games too, right? Unfortunately, no. She has to learn as much as she can, the more she learns, the more human Gotchi she will earn, and the more successful she can be in life! This is so complicated! Thats very true, Neru, and that's why we kept our secret hidden to Humans for so many years, we felt like their lives were too very complicated, that we would never get the love we deserved, but its all right now. I'm hungry.... Let's go get you some breakfast..... Ok! Till we meet again, Neru & Kusa
  12. Good Evening! It's late, and Neru and Kusa are both in bed! I apologize for the very late reply, schoolwork and time has taken its toll on me! I will be briefly reporting what I did with Neru, and that'll be all for the evening! As Neru woke up, he was had full health, 3 Effort hearts, and 65 AP! I kept it all the standard, aka FULL, and that was all! I apologize for lack of content! Promise to be back tomorrow morning with more- Am I missing some thing? NERU! You're supposed to be in bed! I am? But you said I get to sleep at 10 tonight, and Kusa at 8! Oh, I must have reversed your times! I'm sorry Neru, but you have to go to bed! You might become sick in the morning if you don't! Ok ok, fine~ See you next time~ Neru, Kusa , ~D~
  13. Good Evening guys~! What's up? I just wanted to say thanks for all the support, and that if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM me! I respond to all of them, and you can't reply to a log, so thats how you should do it! Ok, on to my log! How was your second day of school, ~D~? Wasn't as fun as the first, I had double Biology followed by double Geometry! Ouch..... I know!!! Plus, my Bio teacher is the fastest talker ever! No body understood what he was talking about half the time! So that's what schools like, huh, ~D~? Will I ever go? It sounds terrifying! It's not that bad, Neru, you should be excited! Suka was, and school for you is so much easier than for ~D~ Why is that? Because you're only educated on how to become a good angel, not anything else! Anyways, you're only 5, no need to worry about that! Are you sure.... Mhmmm...Mhmmm..... SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD-SUKA?! SUKO?! We're on break, so we came to visit! Mhmmmhmmmm!!!!!! Suka, it's me! Neru! Hey, long time no see!!! Neru, how are you doing? It's great to see you, Kusa! Hi Suka, Suko! I missed you guys! Are you enjoying yourself here, Neru? Yeah, you've evolved! So, you guys are just here to visit? Mhmmm! Well, i just want to say that Suko and I are honored and pleased to say that we are allowing other Angels to use our font colors! Mhmmm! Yayyyyyy! Um...... Ummmm, Neru? You already have your own font color! I know, I'm just happy! Anyways, we best be going! Can't miss the award show tonight! Award show? Going? Yep, Suka and Suko, the Futagotenshi twins, are nominees for Best Angels of August 2011! Awesome! Good Job guys! Thoses are my boys! Well, gotta go! We'll see you soon! Mhmm, Mhmm! Bye! Bye!!!!! See you guys! That's all for now! See you tomorrow! Neru, Suka, Suko, Kusa, ~D~ <-now thats a list!