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    Hello!<br>I'm PeaceSign, You can call me Peace, PeaceSign, or Tay (Which I love most <3)<br><br>I am a total glam girl, I love bright colors (Which would explain the rainbow socks...) <br>I love to get all dressed up. <br>My Crush lives down the street, and I see him a lot, I have stayed for dinner.<br>My best friends are always there.<br>I love to help out.<br>I get good grades; I am in Beta Club.<br><br>I AM popular, I hang out with the cool girls, and we have a good time. I'm planning on getting blonde highlights during my 2 week break, love it.<br><br>You will see me say Muah, xoxo, luv, Babe and hun a lot. That's just how I talk.<br>I sign a lot of my posts with 'xoxo Tay'<br>And sometimes I throw in a French word or two. Normally these will be Italicized. :3<br><br>I sound self centered, because I am. So many people say it's a bad thing, but not really.<br>I worry about myself, not the haters.<br><br>PM me, dearies.<br><br>xoxo- Tay

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  1. Not really. I was Saying thaty I liked that one, but it cost TOO MUCH. kthx.
  2. What I don't like is, I find a nice dress (Doubles as a Christmas dress/Thanksgiving dress) and it is $50+! I like this one Just go to Claires and buy a crown, and Bam, I'm done, maybe some nice shoes (Coughonlyhastennisshoescough) and we are done! See? Only 60$ or so, but My family.. eehhh, you know?
  3. Well, the Halloween Party for School is in 3 days, and I still don't have a costume. I am wanting to be a (formal-ish) princess, but I know if I go out to like, Target, all they will have is Disney! Any ideas on how to get a Nice dress? Thanks a ton in advance. P.S.: My crush might be working the Haunted House (Which guarantees I am going xD) so, I need to look good.
  4. Mixed views. My parent's met and got married off of when I was seven. You just have to know what you are doing.
  5. Well For Christmas I'm going to hit my mom up for some dark streaks, maybe. What I really want is to move. Get out of this place, that would be a Christmas miracle.
  6. I normally trim my bangs when they get too long, and it'd been awhile, so I decided to trim them tonight. I zoned out for like... .67 seconds, and I cut too short! My wonderful side bangs that took forever to grow are now minuscule regular sized side bangs ;.; What should I do here!?
  7. I want, for Christmas:: I'm not sure, I'm getting a new phone next month, so maybe some accessories for it? xD
  8. Happy Birthday, I already gave you your gift, unless I find something else to give you Happy Birthday, Says AS.
  9. I've been connecting Ty and Lexi all day... Finally I give up. Just as I do the mail comes, Lexi says goodbye to her teacher, Mr. Turtle. And Then more mail comes, she gets to choose a job, scientist. She gets excepted. I decided to try to connect them ONE MORE TIME. They shake their heads no, I start screaming. The whole fireworks things come on, and they have two little baby girls, whom I will name Tasha and Dana. Dana will be in Lexi's egg. Very cute, this means, I only have two boys, on my v5's! Oh no! Oh well, :3 Hopefully eveything will go well! Will update more later, bye! Tay, Lexi, Dana, Ty, Tasha, Molli, Sarah The Reese Family and The Ryan Family.
  10. Maybe you just took good care of him? Bandai make it possible for some characters to seem unobtainable because it is widely known to only evolve from some character, but it could also be a rare moment. Feel lucky. Or, it could be a glitch. Either way, you got him, right?!
  11. Not to me, but my cousin was coming back from Washington DC and the other bus hit something and rolled off of the highway, and off of a bridge.. O_O No one was really hurt, luckily. -whew- I don't take the bus anyways, I walk. D:
  12. Name : Pixie Gender : Gurl Ref Sheet : Well, I don't have a Sheet, but I do have the picture.... xD SO I'll post that. Click. ((Glasses are optional.) Explain Looks if no reference is available: Erm... Other: Can you give her a blue and white striped scarf? :3 Thank you Clione :3
  13. I'm not color coding things, just quoting what they say ;3 <3 Night everyone! <3 Tay, Lexi, Ty, Molli, Reese Family, Sarah and Ryan Family.
  14. This will be a long, confusing post. :3 So I'll try to make it as clear as possible, I'm confused too. xD So today I had to go to this high School Fairish thing.. xD So I set the time back on Lexi and Ty. When I got home I reset the time to normal, and Lexi Evolved!!!! INTO. A. MIMITCHI!!!!11!!!!1!!!!space!!!!! I was so excited, so now her and Ty are in loveeeee, but they haven't mated yet. Do v4's have to be 6 years old to mate, or is that just the matchmaker? PM please, if you know. Anyway, Moving on. So then I got 4 new batteries. I started up a v4.5 Named Molli. I'll get her stats at the end of this :3 ((Thanks for the PM about this, ZeGotchi! [sorry if I spelled it wrong! ] )) Then I started up my v5, The Reese Family. They have two daughters and a son. Then I started up another v4. Her name is Sarah. And last, my v5.5 (refresh) it's the Ryan family. With two daughters and a son. Now, I will name their Characters. xDD List. Lexi (v4) : Mimitchi Ty (v3) : Masktchi ((Did you know: v4.5's do not have the Masktchi character?)) Molli (v4.5) : Tamatchi Reese Family (V5) : Daughter: Tororotchi Son: Mousetchi Daughter: Belltchi Sarah (v4) : Mohitamatchi Ryan Family (v5.5) : Daughter: Futabatchi Son: Mimifuwatchi Daughter: Omutchi Now, Stats. Lexi: Hungry: |||| Happy: |||| Training: ||||||||| Intellectual: 144 Arts: 9 Social: 19 3 years 42 lbs Name: Lexi Girl 1 Gen Points: 8930 Ty: Hungry: |||| Happy: |||| Training: ||||| 5 Years 99 lbs (D:) Boy 1 Gen 152 points. (The Rest are Sleeping, so I cannot change the stats.) Molli: Hungry: ||| Happy: |||| Training: Skills: 0 0 0 0 years 40 lbs 1 Gen 200 pts. Reese Family: Hungry: |||| Happy: |||| Bonds: 0% Blended Family 1 Gen 60 pts Sarah: Hungry: |||| Happy: |||| Training: | Intellectual: 0 Arts: 0 Social: 0 27 lbs. 1 Gen 0 pts. Ryan Family: Hungry; |||| Happy: |||| Bonds: 0% Blended Family 1 Gen 30 pts Whew. That was a lot. I've finally gotten used to all of these Tamas. Now I will tell you what I want each character/Family to be. Lexi: I want her to marry Ty and have two daughters, Dana and Tasha. Ty: I want him to marry Lexi and have two daughters, Dana and Tasha. Molli: I want her to grow up and be a UrayoungYattachi and then a Yattachi Reese Family: I want them to grow up into the "Smart" family :3 Sarah: I want her to be a Young Dorotchi and then a Yattachi. She's going to be like Lexi's younger sister. You will hear more about her. Ryan Family: I want to have then grow up as the "Royal Family" Though, I'm having trouble finding a growth chart for v5 (refresh/.5) Help Appreciated! That's it for this post... next one will be the characters talking... :3 Bye! Tay, Lexi, Ty, Molli, Reese Family, Sarah and Ryan Family.