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  1. CiCi. They got married. And a ghostly figure watched the wedding. It was Tahita. She started looking not like a ghost anymore. She had been redeemed.
  2. So the pooing tama and the poopoo baby pooed on the mayor and his enemy! Then they pooed on the gotchi king and princess
  3. then the 2 boys woke up. "What happend?" Ron asked. "SNAPE USED A SLEEPING SPELL ON US!" Harry yelled. They decided to get revenge!
  4. Then Pie annoyed the present ghost and the present ghost quit his job because it was the 99999999th time that a person he visited annoyed him. then the ghost of the future came....
  5. once upon a time harry and ron were bored. "Im bored" Ron said. "me too!" harry said. Then harry got an idea, "Lets go bother snape!" "righto!" Ron said. Then they bothered snape. "BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER!" they both said. Snape was getting annoying so he said... You continue the story!
  6. Then Micheal Jackson apeared and started doing the electric slide!
  7. and the pooing tama and the poopoo baby pooed everywhere!
  8. And then the pooing tama and its baby went to poopoo land!
  9. Then the tama who pooed all the time ran in and said. THATS MY BABY! They were shocked! then the tama who pooed all the time grabbed the poopoo baby and...
  10. Mean while, Pie was in his evil fortress, thats right. He was an evil over lord. He really was a devil gotchi. He revieled his true form. a devil gotchi. He was thinking up a plan to get revenge. But suddenly, A ghostly apeared! It was Tahita's ghost. She said: "I have come to warn you!!" Pie screamed like a little girl! "Wha- what do you want with me?!" "I have come to warn you. I have lost my life because of envy and jelousy. I am now doomed to walk tama town un noticed, un able to rest, eat, or go to the bath room. I have come to warn you so that you do not get my fate. You will be visited by three spirits. The past, present, and future. Tonight at midnight, you will be visited by the ghost of your past. And tommorow night at midnight, you will be visited by the ghost of YOUR present. And the day after that at midnight, you will be visited by the ghost of YOUR FUTURE!" Then a bunch of other tamas who became ghosts started flying around Pie. Then pie fainted and woke up at midnight. The ghost of his past apeared and..............
  11. Ok this is a tama version of lord of the rings. Make it dramatic and silly and funny! Bilbo was working on his book: "There and back again, a hobbits tale" Gandalf knocked on the door. Bilbo: Gandalf: Frodo:
  12. Then they kissed and watched Barney. Then Barney came out of the tv and Britney Spears slapped barney and the Green Tarakotchi pooed on Barney. Barny was really upset, then Barney said...........
  13. the V5 doesn't have jobs and school. And it only has 4 games
  14. hmmmm, I wonder why they said such things? Purhaps they were thinking of neopets?