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    if you wanna go to neopets, go here: *edit: referral link removed*
  2. Blaze Tommy

    what's your favourite...

    lupes pwn's you all!!!!!!!
  3. Blaze Tommy

    New Tamagotchi Game!

    if there is one, give us the ulr!! or is this spam?
  4. Blaze Tommy

    neopets and give me money!

    mmm.. don't know what that means and is that a good or bad faint?
  5. Blaze Tommy

    neopets and give me money!

    yea sure, and i don't get any either. even though i have some neofriends.
  6. Blaze Tommy

    Neopets :P

    yeah, still. your account will be still
  7. Blaze Tommy

    Neopets vs. Tamagotchi's

    Neopets | tommies Pros | Pros more stuff | handheld online | light multiplayer | fun more games | Cons more fun | not online more items | less items no max money | max money is 9999 you get to pick your pet | you gotta work for your pet your pet can't die | your pet doesn't last forever Cons not handheld | try to carry your cp!! | no babies Here are the factors. you decide for yourself
  8. Blaze Tommy

    i cant sign up on neopets!

    my e-mail is and i am always glad to receive e-mail unless they're spam, ads, or contains viruses. anyhoo, maybe you can't sign up cause you were banned or havn't signed up for so long, they shut down your account.
  9. Blaze Tommy


    this is normal. your tamagotchi will meet the matchmaker at 6 years old when he/she turns into a teen or adult (can't remember) early
  10. Blaze Tommy

    LOL! This is very funny! :)

    that's funny but not that funny. the chuckle kind. anywho, how do you think they did that? was it a joke from neopets inc.?
  11. Blaze Tommy

    Wanna help start a tamagotchi guild?

    sure, i'll join. my username is: x_heat_x
  12. Blaze Tommy

    neopets and give me money!

    actually, no. i forgot my other acount username.
  13. Blaze Tommy

    neopets and give me money!

    Ah.. lupes. mine is: username: x_heat_x Pets: Agent_008_Heat - Red Lupe - Lvl:1 I'm still starting
  14. Blaze Tommy

    neopets and give me money!

    if you guys click on the url, sign up, then activate your account, i will get money and rare items!!
  15. Blaze Tommy

    neopets and give me money!

    whoa! you replied in 30 seconds!!