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  1. The adoption center was full of people looking to adopt so she chose to go home with...
  2. I already have one and I live in florida....
  3. ^ is weird > like mametchi v thinks im cool!
  4. Aw... Then I can't do it cause he has the baby already. Oh, well. Thanks anyway!
  5. My V3 mated with my other V3 today. But now I am trying to make him mate with my V2 also. They are already in love. Can they mate or no?
  6. I have voted for the V3. I was aiming for the V1. The simplier the better in my opinion
  7. I have 178,000 in the bank
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMATALK! Thanks Everyone for making TAMATALK great!
  9. I Like the Tama Idea! The characters would include The Classics.... Mimitchi Mametchi Memetchi Kutchipatchi
  10. I have the same 1!!! Mine is pink w/ black buttons! I got mine at kabooms for 1100 tickets. I have a pic too! clicky here
  11. Ok Darren Evolved to a teen Here is a pic of kristen and darren holding hands. The bottom one is when darren is holding kristens waist
  12. Here is Kristen and Darren....Kristen is a teen is this pic Here it is......
  13. no mametchi appears in odd and mimitchi appears in even...My mametchi appeared on my 1 generation and then my mimitchi appeared on my 2nd generation