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  1. So, what was your username?

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      Stefan Bauwens

      So wait... "They" were complaining about your current username?


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      Stefan Bauwens

      I have no idea why, but this put a smile on my face.

    2. =^.^=
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      HAHA, the status above this "smile pretty cure! <333"

  3. the thread for contests in the tamatalk news section was closed, so...I made this one to say this. what ever happened to the contests? they used to be monthly, now they're...never. I'd really like an art contest again...
  4. DeviantArt >:[ RateMyDrawings and suprisingly, hotmail and ebay isn't blocked :/
  5. Tadase from shugo chara >.< he ruins every amuto moment!
  6. I <3 her music :3 oh shoot I don't have picture to burn on my ipod D= (must get it now)
  7. LOL neopets has the best quotes XD Joe Jonas is in my lunchbox!- youtube
  8. gots more. =) Indiana Frank: me and mimi Dog Dog: my family XD Sarah. Whata. Hallo. Good Bye. AHHH!!!!! (possible burn up): me and kira you are my sewer (inspiration): me and sis XD green and flowers: me and a girl at school whose name I forget D=
  9. I probably have a ton with my sis, but I'm deppressed, so I can't think of much. =/ "HALLO MY NAME IS EMBAH PINK AND YOO SHALL VOTE FOR MEH" me and sis. "WHY THE FAAAAAAAAAACE???" me and sis... of corse, no one will have a care to read this. and you'll just think it's stupid. you all make me cry. so much.
  10. I'm pretty sure this will get closed... I saw this topic somewhere, but I can't find it in the search. alright, rules: you rate the quote above you on a scale from 1 to 10, and then post your own. I'll start:
  11. I think it was.....Daddy. I'm so boring...
  12. I'm not sure, because there's too many choices. but I like these: photographer designer (fashion and jewelery) manga artist and writer novel writer (though I'm too lazy XP) a singer or an actor in a bunch of musicals a girl scout troop leader (although you don't get paid, but who cares) and somehow change the world =) so...someone who is creative, someone who has a good voice, for both singing and speaking for a crowd, and someone who is a leader =)
  13. me and my family went on our trip to arizona every few months as usual...usually I hate the drive home, but this was peaceful. it was raining lightly, there was nice music on the radio, and when me and sis walk in my dad kicks us out. I think I know what happened, and I was right. he lets us in, and tells us that our pet rat, hubie, died. (domestic rats are clean, I cannot stress that enough) and the first words that come to my head was "of corse. I knew it. I felt it." I shout "NO!" and that's all that I did. I always thought that when this day came I'd be bursting into tears for hours, but it's been over 10 minutes, and nothing. my sis, my mom, even my dad who never cries, is crying. I always cry so much during goodbyes, and I loved this little guy to death. he was just too cute. so now I feel so wierd. Here's the little mister =( I'm really sad, but somehow I just can't cry. make me feel better =(
  14. I've actually never seen twilight. oh well, might as well watch both of them to fit in the crowd...