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  1. Happy Birthday (on the off chance you log in again soon)!

  2. YOOOOOO MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE Anyone who remembers me, Sup? Anyone who doesnt... Merry xmas to you also.
  3. wow, this place has grown, wen i was on here we had like 20 members? how u all doing?
  4. Well, its true, Bandai are releasing Tamagotchi DS on the Nintendo Ds, i dont know if this has already been posted, so ima post it again just to make sure everyone see's. Should be good.
  5. Well, everyone is kicking up a fuss trying to keep it open ALL the time, when really, if you check, not really anyone goes on it. Everytime i have been on it there have been about 2 people, and they never talk. its silly. I personally think 1 day is enough, as then people can make sure theyre on for that set day, other than on it whenever they want, were as other people might not. mad-
  6. cant really remember you pocky girl, but hey is tamagod still posting here? and how often is admin on here ?
  7. tamaguide me and.. cant remember her name were the first 2
  8. ALRIGHTTT im back in this biotch anyone still postin who came here like a year ago? the veterans xD wonder if admin will give me my powers back Peace. mad
  9. if the admin see's you as bein trustworthy, and a nice person, then if you get to know him he'll maybe let you become a tama guide
  10. i got bored of mine for about a month, but then played it again, i go through phases, currently on my paper mario phase xD
  11. Because of a fair few things, i think its best i am not a tamaguide anymore. I wont really be on this site very much as i have too much other stuff goin on. Cya All, MadRox
  12. Tama Blob , please do not spam! You just used 4 posts in a row, this is spam, and NOT good. You have been warned.......
  13. *post deleted by MadRox* Didnt notice this was for gameboy version , sorry
  14. Hey, does anyone kno off any decent online RPG's? Except for runescape or tibia....
  15. lol, aint my site its a big online game thing, just this is wer i have most people to click it *like 300+ members *