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  1. deadinside

    im so happy yet so sad

    Do not be sad... I wish I had more words of wisdom, but all I have is "to many moments in life are given to sadness"
  2. deadinside

    Everyone over 20 years old!!

    LOL your quite right Clarinutty, but I have a better one. I love the people that ask the same question 3-4 times. And then all the repeat questions. You can check the board and see the same poll, same questions have the time. As for the lingo...I couldn't even begin to tell you where in the world they get it from. I am not sure if it is because they don't want to type out the full words or what. Confusion sets in quickly when it comes to stuff like that.
  3. deadinside

    Everyone over 20 years old!!

    Ah it is good to see there are people my age that are involved in these addictive little creatures. I am 22 years old, I have three of these tamagotchi's. I was a fan back in the late 90's, and I am just a big kid at heart. Perhaps I am a little childish, but, it does not matter. I am who I am. I am glad to see that there are several older people out there. Beginning to think I was the only over 20 person there was, lol and a male at that. I shall keep this short for now, until next time.
  4. deadinside

    R u a try hard?

    I have to admit I was never one to care whether i was cool or not.
  5. Naz, Nazz, and Nazzy all plan on just eating... grrr....oh well...I'll be nice and let them eat even if they didn't help.
  6. deadinside

    What the?

    It is a perplexing situation. I tend to get him many a times as well.
  7. deadinside

    Which do u prefer?

    The descision is yours to make. You should get the one you want. It is you who will end up having it forever. Just think hard upon it.
  8. deadinside

    keep em, or let them have a baby

    Must say, I am one to let them continue on through their offspring.
  9. deadinside

    batteries question

    Or at wal-mart you can by them buy the pair
  10. deadinside

    I've been thinking...

    No worries, you always get a new tama. Please don't get depressed.
  11. deadinside

    Im New ~_~

    Well CONGRATULATIONS upon your new family member. And welcome to our little family here. Always happy to see new members. You can always count on help here. Tons of nice people here willing to help, like myself, Admin, and many others. We'll put you in that room there...~points to the left~ Hope you enjoy it.
  12. Anytime, always happy to help
  13. deadinside

    My mametchi got raped!!

    LOL well at least these Tama's don't leave more then just Babies if you know what I mean...
  14. well first check your happiness and your hunger, if it is full, then praise it. That should also raise your discipline level.
  15. deadinside

    What dies it mean???

    it is just one of the many animations your tamagotchi may do. As well as brushing their teeth, taking a bath, as well as many others. So please do not worry. Hope this helped.