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    Whatever. It was all in innocent taste. No harm meant and I apologize (for reason unknown to me) .... Fine whatever good bye. No matter what it "seems" it was a coincidence who it happened to. Not that big of a deal. It's just a internet chat. Let's all get back to real life. I will lead the way for you! Cya.

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  1. Well that's just stupid. I miss the good old Tamagotchi days where a TamaAdult could get eat it's default "baby" food and be happy and full!
  2. I don't have time to play music games and earn money. How come in this Tamagotchi you can't fill up your Tama with the free default food?
  3. I was considering purchasing a Japanese Tamagotchi Color and I was wondering how much Japanese would I need to know to enjoy it or is it like American Tamagotchis where you need little to no reading at all.