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  1. It was now time to use the experiment kit we had slaved over for weeks to grow! (#sarcasm) At first, Mametchi wasn't too thrilled, since the "experiment" blew up in his face, but once it turned out ok, he was happy was a clam. Now all there is to do is wait on the last happy symbol to appear, which I'm hoping is exactly like the Ps, since I don't have any way to download any of the other items which gives him a happy symbol. SO LET'S JUST KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED, KAY?!
  2. 15th anniversary id L So apparently my Daiyatchi had grown into a Kujakutchi and then into a Mametchi since the last time I updated. I decided to start getting back into the swing of things by getting all his happy flowers first. So, i started with this royal cape thingy. As you can see, he absolutely adored it. Next up was this bread thing from the bakery. As somebody who can't eat gluten, I didn't really see the big fuss about it, but whatever makes him happy, I suppose. Last up was planting a homemade experiment kit seed. This took a little while to grow, so I just planted it and let it do its thing while I was at work, and it was ready in no time. (continued below)
  3. white ps Ok, first of all, look how cool the space remodel bed is! Seriously, I wish that my bed looked like that! So my Mitsumarutchi evolved grew into a Maimaitchi. I've decided to grow him into Nandetchi using the "special" way, however, which means he got to play with the robot 20 times, and then a few more times after just to be sure.
  4. **White Ps** Ok, so after a few games my baby boy was quite tired and took a nap for an hour. When he woke up, he grew into Mitsumarushi! If Himespetchi were here, I'm sure she would be very proud. Anyways, we decided to go do some redecorating. Once that was done, he went to daycare. Partly because I couldn't remember what all the buttons did exactly, and partly because it just sounded like fun. So that is where he is currently, before I put him to sleep in order to go to work. I'm hoping to grow him into a Nandetchi, though I'm not sure if I should do it the natural way or the special growth way. I feel like the special growth way will be "safer" and more guaranteed, but it also might be more tedious. I also don't like missing cares on purpose, though, so that would be a plus. I'll probably decide tomorrow, when he grows into a teenager, because I like to procrastinate. Thanks for listening, and as always, feel free to PM with any questions or comments!
  5. **White P's** During my park adventure, my Himespetchi met a cute little Furirabutchi and was able to take her home after a few visits. She also ended up going on a date with Takutotchi because I was not paying attention and carelessly spamming the middle button. Oops. Ah well, they were kind of cute anyways. If only he would just lose the hat. Takutotchi was no match for the beloved (and charming) Charatchi, however, and they went on their first date in no time. They went to the beach, and he splashed her, which she didn't like too much. All was forgiven quickly, though, and they looked rather adorable together. They met in the park for a third time, and he asked her on a second date. Of course she was lovestruck, and she immediately said yes. They went to an ice cream parlor, and since Tamagotchis have no reservations about rushing into things, he asked her to marry him right after, and of course the answer was yes. A baby was soon had, and it wasn't long before Himespetchi went wherever Tamagotchis go when they leave their kids behind. Yay! I have a brand new baby boy. There will be more to come later when my photobucket stops freaking out and freezing every few seconds. Thanks for listening! Feel free to shoot me a PM any time.
  6. From 7 - 10 PM, Charatchi (left), Shirimotchi (middle), and Melodytchi (right) will make their appearances. I do not believe Melodytchi is eligible to date either. The pet, Chapitchi (left), comes around at this time, as well as some sort of snail non-pet. If you know the name of this little guy, let me know. So, there you have it. Those were all the park characters I could find, and the times which they appear. Maybe that will help somebody else out so they don't have to go on a wild goose chase like I did. If anyone finds anything different out, please let me know!
  7. From 4 - 7 PM, Spacytchi (left), Kuchipatchi (middle), and Ms. Trimmertchi (right) come around. I do not believe Ms. Trimmertchi is eligible to date, which is quite a relief, since I find her to be rather creepy-looking. The pets which show at this time are Rinsutchi (left), Monatotchi (middle), and a purpleish non-adoptable pet. If you know its name, please let me know. (continued below)
  8. Ok, so I was unable to find a guide that says what characters appear in the park at what time, so I decided to find out on my own. From 10 AM - 1 PM, your can meet both Takutotchi (left) and Knightchi (middle) in the park. You can also meet a non-date-able character, Okaytchi (right), You can also find the pet, Furirabutchi (left) at that time, as well as an unknown brown pet-looking thing (right). If anybody knows the name of this guy, let me know. From 1 - 4 PM you can meet Atchitchi (left), Mogumogutchi (middle) and Hanafuwatchi (right), though I am not sure if Hanafuwatchi is eligible to date. As for pets, Yamecantchi shows up at this time. (continued below)
  9. Hey! So I took a little tama hiatus for about a year, and I'm having a hard time finding a few of the guides I remember there being before I left. There's one in particular I remember which gave all the times of appearance for specific characters in the park for dating purposes. I'm wondering if this same guide, or something similar exists still now? Thank you!
  10. Hey everyone! So, as you can see, it's been a while since I've been on here, and also a while since I've done anything Tamagotchi-related. I'm hoping to get back into it a bit, at a slightly slower pace, since I have a lot of other things going on in my life right now which are more pressing. I decided to start up the P's against first, and started right back up where I left off. **White P's** Apparently my Pinkubotchi had grown all the way into a Himespetchi since my last log update. She already had her puzzle piece for being full grown for 48 hours, so all there was to do was to get the other three. I started with giving her the lab coat, which gave her one puzzle piece. Next she played with the mirror, and a pretty adorable cutscene then ensued, resulting in the third puzzle piece. Last on the agenda was a health drink from the Music Cafe, which she shared with Mametchi. This resulted in the fourth and final puzzle piece. With her four puzzle pieces, my Himespetchi is ready to get married and begin the rest of her life, hopefully leaving behind a brand new bundle of.. er.. pixels? Here are her stats: More updates will come later when I figure out who I want to try to mate her with? Idk, I kind of don't remember a lot of aspects of tama-playing, but I'm sure I will get back up to speed soon enough.
  11. Ummm, I don't think it should be THAT hard to read.. Maybe you could get glasses? Or maybe something is wrong with your screen? lol. I don't see a problem with using different fonts, and I can read them just fine. Anyways, yes, I want a new toy, and I believe that they should make it in color. The technology is there, so why not do it? I think the English iD l's are so expensive because they are so rare - not necessarily because it cost them so much to make the thing.
  12. Gotten back from being out of town! \o/

  13. I will be out of town for an international competition with my chorus until Monday of next week! Probably limited or no time to come on here. Hope everyone has a great week :)

  14. Here is a complete translation done by Binary: