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  1. Psh! I finished Days for the second time over the weekend! I didn't even get knocked out at that big battle. Oh, and for the heck of it, I got my Zero Gear (It's actually a Kingdom Key +) and fought the last battle again in the same day. The ending to this game always makes me sad. Note: After you're done that battle, get ready for some cool cutscenes! 8D Oh oh oh! And I finished Kingdom Hearts late last night too! My eyes were stinging. So many times during the ending I was going "Nonononono!" Like when Sora had to shut Riku behind the door and when they looked at each other for the last time, Riku just told him "Take care of her." Then you see the words across the screen telling Sora he is the one who will open the door to the light, and I'm all "Whaaaa? So they purposely didn't 'end' the story in the first game?" Oh, and when he says "Kairi, remember that promise you made me? I'm always with you too." and then SPLIT goes the ground between them. I had another round of "Nonononononooo!" in my head. And then they show the scene of Kairi walking into the cave and looking at the drawing they did of each other when they were little. I really felt like crying. And I changed my mind, I don't mind Kairi anymore---I WANT the two of them back together! Oh, and since I collected all the Dalmatians, locked all the keyholes, and finished the Hades Cup, I got to see a special mini trailer at the end of the game for KHII 8D The one with Riku and Roxas. They have that scene later in Days and I can't wait for you two to GET THERE!! Lol, except on the PS2 it's all crisp graphics compared to the DS. But during the trailer when I saw the hooded boy I was like "ROXAS! IT'S ROXAAAS!" It's all so dramatic! 8D Especially when he finally says one thing: "Where's Sora?" I can't wait to get KHII! I hope GameStop has it... Oh, and my big brother suggests skipping CoM 'cause he says that SE put a lot more effort into making the actual sequel than the in-between game. So it's gotta be better. And that the battle card system sounds really dumb. Oh well. Leastaways I got a decent amount of background in here. *taps head* And playing Days twice helps too. P.S. I'm thinking I might get a new username, I don't really like the Warriors series anymore...what say you girls?
  2. Hrm. I'm having a really hard time deciding: Should I just skip CoM? I really dislike the way the battle system works. Or do you guys think it's totally worth it to get that before KHII? P.S. Walmart had like, only 3 PS2 games while every other game was for the PS3. D;
  3. That's the first game I plan to get for the 3DS too! Glad I didn't upgrade my DS Lite yet.
  4. OUCH! And I hate it when I miss ONE day! I suggest saving every time you complete a mission. That's the habit that's saved me.
  5. ...I just realized. I gotta make an Axel avatar icon. 8D
  6. So true. >:/ I saw a pic of Sora from KHII and I was like " Tamacrazy you're not kidding! EEEEEP!" I think I'll get Chain of Memories before KHII...I'm going to Walmart today. Hopefully I can snag it. Well I don't play on expert mode or anything on Days. Just normal. Anyway, I thought being still-sorta-a-newbie-to-RPGs that I'm not as good as I should be at KH. =/ Anyway, yes, I've been playing Days a second time through. The past couple days I was working on earning Mission Crowns in Mission Mode so I could get all kinds of freebies. I think I got around 130 Mission Crowns now. I got Ultimate Gear (6) for free. But Challenge Sigils are HARD! >:/ Especially with so many of them being time challenges! Um...in KH, I've finished with Atlantica and I think the next place is Halloween Town ('round there anyway).
  7. I know I said Zuko before, but...I CHANGE IT TO AXEL! Yesh, from Kingdom Hearts. *squeal*
  8. XD Seriously, I was grinning when I read your hot post. I never thought I'd be subject to fangirlness---but I SO have it for Axel (HOT HAIR. HOT OUTFIT. HOT VOICE. HOT ATTITUDE. Oh, and his eyes are sexaaay! XD). Riku: somewhat. Heh. I think I'm AT LEAST half done KH. I might get CoM anyway (yeah, before KHII) so I can say I've got the full story in my head. Then KHII (even though I really wanna rush it). I first played KHI halfway through (I think?) on my own without a walkthrough (Except maybe when I got stuck)---but then I felt like I missed little things and bonuses and stuff that I shouldn't, so I restarted the game and followed a walkthrough. Halfway done again. I played Days without a walkthrough, and I was wondering if maybe for CoM and KHII I should play without a walkthrough? What do you think? Oh! I'm on Day 300 again of Days, and I just started playing Holo Mission challenges and Mission Mode to gain tokens. Boy, have I been missing out on another little part of the game! Anyhoo, I'm trying to do a bunch of those before actually DOING Day 300. Oh! Also 'cause I rechecked my 1st game file for Days so I could see what the Moogle had available in the way of Keyblade gear---and I saw one that I sooo wished I'd been able to get for the last dramatic battle. I totally forgot what it's called (fail), but it's got the symbol of a Mission token (silver one). And summat about it unleashing the wielder's TRUE worth (wooo @_@). But it was 30,000 heart points. Which is why, along with getting a lot of tokens in my 2nd game file, I am doing Holo Missions now and playing in Mission Mode so I can save up for this ultimate weapon. K, I'm done blowing my thoughts out for now.
  9. Hm. Yeah I might just skip CoM. I mean, at least I know what happened with Roxas and all after playing Days. You never finished Days??? Keep trying!! I suggest you stock up a lot of potions and ethers (or perhaps a lot of elixirs?). And fill up your HP bar with that kind of stuff before it gets too low. And...um...well, good luck! KHII = Hotter Sora? So he DID age while asleep in the pod thingy!
  10. That's ok, more in stock for us to get ours! Probably still going to sell out fast.
  11. I finished the game a few weeks ago. I was so sad! >< But I started the game over the next day and I think I'm a lot better at it now. Oh! And I got a used PS2 and KH, and...it's confusing 'cause I'm used to assigned missions---y'know, do this do that and you're done for the day. Now I just explore around and do stuff possibly out of order. Fun though. I wish I could have a percentage of how much I've completed though. I'll probably get KH2 when I'm done, but can somebody tell me if Re:Chain Memories is worth getting? And I mean that I'd play it BEFORE KH2 seeing as it's kind of a bridge in between.
  12. Er wait, it's not the original KH game on the 3DS...but it looks good anyway! I'm so excited! Oh! And I'm not sure but I think I can post this link? You can find out alll sorts about the 3DS from this guy's blog... http://nintendo3dsblog.com/ Oh, and I quote: "Reggie clearly stated that it will be out next year. No specific month or date, but now we know it’s a 2011 launch!"
  13. OMGEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I'm so happy I could cry! Seriously, my eyes sting. The 3DS graphics look A-MAZING!!! http://e3src.nintendo.com/3ds/ And there's Animal Crossing. But I got other excitements. For one...NINTENDOGS WITH CATS!!! WHOOO YEAH! MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!! Oh oh oh, and better yet...THE ORIGINAL KINGDOM HEARTS! AWESOME SCREENSHOTS! Now what the HECK did I go and buy a used PS2, memory card, and KH for?!?! Never mind! Maybe I'll play it anyway so I can play it on a big screen...or I'll just sell the stuff back to Gamestop (gonna lose money of course, but, hm...)
  14. I, for one, cannot waaaait! Anyone else hyped up for it? I've been following this highly informative blog revolving around the Nintendo 3DS. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link or not, but anyway, it's at nintendo3dsblog.com P.S. Rumor has it there may be an Animal Crossing game for it as a launch title. Whooo!
  15. DDR 3 for the Wii and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the DS. =)