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  1. How do you get more training on the v4, or any of them I guess? Mine is 6 years old already and still only have one bar of training!
  2. Yeah but I thought they were supposed to live to age 99 not age 8 lol dunno... I try to put it on pause when I know I won't be around to take care of it for a few hours or something...but sometimes I think the pause doesn't work when I unpause it they are hungry when before I paused it they had all the hearts full..I dunno..
  3. How old does the version 3 tamagotchi live to be? Mine only made it to 8 years old and it died I'm wondering. I thought they were supposed to live to 99 if you take care of it well enough?
  4. Okay my first long do you wait to marry your tamagotchi? (Just a personal question I know it will vary depending on the person) And for v5 which character do you pick to marry since you can only marry one does it matter which one? Oh another question... When you connect tamagotchis, can you only connect ones of the same version or can you connect with different versions and if so can you marry different versions?
  5. I can't find any older versions besides online. I know Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us, at least in my sate, have had the v.5 so far.
  6. I pretty much agree with you, although I like the older versions better and I think it is because 1 is easier to take care of. It's probably also because I have 4 other tamagotchis I have and so 3 is like doubling the work and attention.
  7. Oh wow didn't know that, thanks! Does it turn itself on when it wakes up or how do you know when it's woken up, or do you just have to turn it on to see if it's awake or not?
  8. What is the on/off button on ver. 3? Is that to put it to sleep or something else?
  9. That's interesting. But I probably won't buy a newer version because I like the older version better. I'm fine with taking care of 1, 3 isn't bad but that's why I like the older versions better.
  10. Help, I'm so confused! I have a version 5 and I can't even tell how old the tamagotchis are. They just grow at random times. Anyway my real question...I originally grew 3 characters on here, 2 of the girls grew up to have the same name and looked the same but they weren't twins to begin with, the other one was a boy. I married one of the girls and now my original 3 characters have gone away, what happened to the other 2? The girl I married had 3 new characters with her new hubby lol! So now only the 3 new babies are on the screen, and now when I go into the icon to check their hunger and all of that it says generation 2 and shows the new family but not the other 2 characters I originally had. Oh also. Is it good or bad to keep feeding them? They always seem to be hungry ever half hour, their hearts go down fast even though I feed them all the time.