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  1. Now its easyer for me since im now in the 7th grade. I have a lanyard and I wear my tamagotchi on the lanyard all the time. I just don't wear it when the Principal is walking around.
  2. I likee kookies and kaprisun! LoLoMgRoFl!!
  3. Your banned because you posted your post on May 19, 2010.
  4. Your banned for having a wierd username. (you really think my siggy is that wierd?)
  5. Dear Zoila, Stop trying to kill my Tamagotchi!!! You already killed it... Dear Soranyelly, Xaymarie, and Zanijah, I'm not your friend anymore. You always make me mad and make me cry. I really don't know why I chose you as a friend in the first place... Dear World, I have no friends. Will you be my friend? Tamagotchi-4-Life
  6. Your banned for saying "Haha" and having the "XD" face.
  7. Lets start it off this way, my tamagotchi never got a letter to go into preschool. I was confuzed of why it didnt get the letter. But what had happened to my Tamagotchi? My tamagotchi is now a mimitchi and already passed the judges votes.
  8. I use to play with 3 Tamagotchis at once but now I only play with my music star.
  9. My tamagotchi is a teen and its 26 pounds. It has to lose weight.
  10. Kool even though it's bad but I use it to get gp for my tama now my tama has 26040gp and I'm rich!!! Thanks!
  11. My first one was a Tamagotchi v.3 but then I got a v.4 which i'm playing now, 2 v5's 2 v.6 and a tamagotchi plus color. the v.5 and v.6 i gave it to my friends i just have the v.4 and the tmgc+c and my mom had threw out the v.3 when I ws little.
  12. Forget it now... im going to keep playing with tamas it was just that i was bored with my tmgc+c and now im playing with my v.4 tama
  13. I know you may think that I am maybe posting "Am I to old for tamagotchis" but this is very diffrent from that. Ok I really got bored with tamagotchis but then I really want to get back with Tamagotchis but its like that my mind is telling me not to go back. My heart is telling me yes but my mind is telling me no. I really can't decide. Should I go with my mind or my heart?