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  1. i remember when people were freaking out because of version twos... anyway. long time since i've been on. can't believe i still remembered my password!

  2. :o Wow.... big interests list.
  3. "if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off." xD
  4. Lucid dreaming is always fun. I had a dream where I was flying, and trying to convince myself that I wasn't dreaming.... then I woke up and I was like, "Shoot." xD ~Alimania
  5. It was a virus, but once I was using my dad's laptop, and porn popped up. I was like, "AUUUGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" and closed the screen. Sorry if that's not...TTA (TamaTalk appropiete)
  6. "Without You" from the musical, "Rent". I love that song. So sad, but it has a lot of meaning.
  7. I'm sorry.... but that's hilarious. But not when a little boy hears it! Like... it's only funny to us sick-minded teenagers. Lol. But jeez... I can imagine why they would go back to McDonald's after that! I would love for something like that to happen to me! ~Alimania
  8. Whoa that's SICK! How did you do that and how far did you fall?? Um... I'm going to camp for six weeks, and then I'm going to the Carribean.
  9. I don't even know of either... I make friendship bracelets....
  10. I rip my dad's CD's and then sell them on Ebay. Then I get half the prophit, and some extra for the labor. I've already earned a little bit over $1,000.00. ~Alimania
  11. I'm thirteen and someone thought I was a junior in college.... I was like "Um.. I'm thirteen..." ~Alimania
  12. I do. It's trained to say "I've been a good boy" even though it's a girl, "I want to go" and does this annoying siren thing at the most random things. It's 48 years old. No offense to it, but it just won't die. I am forced to live with it. It is my dad's girlfriend's bird, and if she moves in, so does the stupid bird. PEOPLE, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T BUY A PET THAT TALKS.
  13. OMG LOVE IT!! And the funny black guy is the original Collins in Rent!! So... anyone else love it?? ~Alimania
  14. Yeah, once... Can you say, rig-of-boat-plus-foot-equals-bad-wound-at-hospital? 'Nuff said.
  15. Okay, so Freewebs isn't cooporating, GeoCities is ticking me off... I just want one of those cool sites that you can make, that you can like... digitalize, and do all of that cool stuff to! HOW DO YOU DO IT?! ~Alimania