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  1. OMG I haven't been here since 2012. How is everybody doing? :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ForgottenUsernames
    3. Hapihapitchi


      ^same! Welcome back, I'm doing great!

    4. Rukitchi


      Pretty fine,actually

  2. i dont have a tamagotchi anymore.. huhu. :(

    1. mametchifan1996


      -same :(- but what happened?

    2. misuzu_kamio


      O_O oh noes D':

  3. wow! i'm lovin the new tamatalk! when was it upgraded? O_O

    1. Royal Ludroth

      Royal Ludroth

      Half a month ago.


    2. +[ b r u t a l ]+

      +[ b r u t a l ]+

      October 19th or 20th. It was a pretty recent change. :)

  4. OMG a violin!! too bad its pink. ~___~ and a toy. i'd definitely get one if it can really play since i'm a violinist myself haha )
  5. wow. been gome so long. @emirvaleza: totoo ba yan!? japanese pa rin ba? gusto ko rin bumili kaso inubos ko na pera ko sa violin. LOL
  6. i also recommend a TMGC+C.. it's sorta like a colored version of V1 except it so much cooler!
  7. i think u should learn japanese before u try and play with a hexagontchi. i tried to play with it when i borrowed it from my cousin, it was so hard! i can read kana but i cant understand much.. too bad i was gonna buy one too...
  8. guess ur right.... i should get my computer fixed so i can go to music city faster
  9. im really desperate to get the destiny stars! why is it so hard!!
  10. its really hard to get the destiny stars! i really want them but i dont have much access to the computer so sometimes i miss competitions... i hope they make it easier like it can be bought by points...
  11. wow that would really take long.... maybe i'll try it when my computer is fixed (im using my old laptop and its super slow!! ()
  12. totally works!!! thanks so much! now all thats left for me to do is to get 4th gold 2 times so i can get the boy's and girl's destiny star! woohoo!