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  1. Do you have one? More? If yes, which ones? Where? I'm turning thirteen in October. So, no. xD Have you considered getting one? If yes, do you still want to? I don't think I'd mind a tattoo, but I'd like to get something that's meaningful. Not just get a tattoo to get a tattoo, as SK said. Otherwise, I'd feel no need to get one. And if I DID get one, I don't think my parental figures would exactly love it. xD If yes to previous question, what & where? I'd probably get one on my wrist. Something small, probably. Words or a symbol would do it for me. [x] I really like this. So, if I ever get one, I'd probably get that on my right wrist. [x] I'd probably also get something like that somewhere on me. Christian and proud. (: Again: It would be small-ish. Probably on my left collar bone, so it would be close to my heart, but not all in my junk. xP General opinion on tattoos? I actually think they're pretty cool, and an interesting way to express yourself. That is, as long as it isn't something ridiculous and all-out. I'd get something like Ryan Ross' tattoos [Click.], or Cassadee Pope's. [Click.] Maybe just not as big. xD I can't say I dislike people with a lot of tattoos, because some of my heroes are people with tattoos all other theirselves. xD I just wouldn't go all-out with tattoos everywhere on my body. ~Mew
  2. ^ I just checked their site, and I see nothing about it, but... That doesn't mean anything. That didn't stop people from seizure-ing over FOB. xD But, wtf is up with people leaving bands? First, Ryan and Jon left Panic!, Elliot left Hey Monday, and now Bob's supposedly leaving MCR? [-I'd mention 'Pete leaving FOB' but that's still up in the air.-] [And then there was the slight Cab dilemma, but I don't really listen to The Cab, so.] Now Ryland [Or anybody from Cobra, really,] just has to leave Cobra Starship, and it is the end of the world. xD [For some people, at least.] ~Mew
  3. I'm a righty, but I cut food backwards, and use my left hand on track pads/mouses. I can use my right, I just prefer using my left. xD ~Mew
  4. Theory Of A Deadman? Six Months. ~Mew
  5. The Webs We Weave -- Escape The Fate. ~Mew
  6. ^ I agree. At least listen to more than two of their songs before saying they suck. I love how every other person is saying FOB and Panic!, and it's probably because people like me never shut up about them. xD; Ah, well. Beyonce. I honestly don't see what's so great about her. AC/DC. Some of their music isn't bad, though. Jonas Brothers. I think they have no musical talent, and yet it's like everybody raves over them. Dare I say All Time Low. Yes, I like their music, but I dunno why people think they're so special. I guess it's just me. xP Short Stack. Everybody raves over them, but I don't see what makes them so special. o.x -hides- I can't really think of anybody else who I, in particular, think is overrated, and not be a hypocrite when I say it. ~Mew EDIT!: Thought of someone else.
  7. No clue. Leaning now into the breeze, Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees, They had breakfast together, But two eggs don't last Like the feeling of what he needs. ~Mew
  8. 7/10. I see you all the time. And, for the record, I'm Mew! in the Chat. ~Mew
  9. I prefer ones that match with colours, in particular. Or maybe even what it says. The one I have now, Spencer's making a heart with his fingers, and the signature is a Homesick At Spacecamp reference. "My smiles are an open wound without you, and my hands are tied to pages inked to bring you back." The colours match [black&white picture scheme], but as far as if the lyrics and avatar itself match, no. xD I'm about to change my avatar/signature, though. The one coming up's going to be [x] this. The signature's gonna be, "Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year, and I've been going crazy, I'm just stuck in here." The boy looks like he's stuck in a box or whatever, so the lyrics and the signature would relate that way, and I'm obviously going to make the colour scheme the same. xD ~Mew
  10. The only reason I noticed you was from your avatar. Well done, Aprilly. I want this username to die. xD So nooby. I only use this on the forums. Mew! for TamaChat. I don't feel like saying to every other person, "YEAH, THIS IS MICHAELA." I want my log-in to be [M i s t a k e s] or BiggestMistakes.x. Obvious reference. xD The dot ex dot [.x.] thing would be recognizable to me. So. ~Mew
  11. Oh yes. My guardian knows allllllllllllll about this place, in particular TamaChat. Considering I've met someone from here, and am planning to meet more in the future. xD My mom's talked to some of you guys, so's my step-dad. ~Mew
  12. MILLIONTH TIME I HAVE POSTED IN THIS TOPIC! I'll copy/paste my friends list. xD My Friends [alphabetical order]: Ahlex [Mr.Brightside/Mr.Morbid/blue♣slip] Allie [LOUDERnow./wildcat_gal_101] Anime [Animespazztron789] April [FireCracker/Try Honesty] Becca [[-Horizons///]] Beth [.tee.hee...x] Brittany [Trainwreck] Botan [botan1220] Ceci [X.Waffles] Chatterbox Chris [bB (Big Bob)] Cinder [Cinderpelt] Claus/Sophie [x.Sophie/Sophie Norris] Costella Crow [Hatakekla/XxCrowxX] Dalton [RazorbladeCupcakeX/MaybeTomorrow] Diva [Penguins.] Dmo [+DAVID] Ella [EPIC.FAIL/Sir.Gary] Emmy [F A L L E N for Y O U] Ginny [Ginny Tonic/shs415] Grace [Worst.Username.Ever] Hershey [Hershey_Princess] HinaLuvsNaru [Hinata Luvs Naruto] Kadee [Phobic] Katie/Wolfie [[xxHoney...]/Kate.] KK [kk442] Kelsey [ZOOMrocks] Krystal [`Krystal] Lee [;.;LEEWhit;.;/'Lee] Leafie [Leafpool] Lukie [Luke./Lucas Brightside] meowbark Miley [Disenchanted/LostInStereo.x] Mimi [Chell] Monstr [.:Monster:.:Trucks:./Tom Felton] Rose/Beth Sango/DS [DemonSlayer5050] Sarah [x.Bleachie] SG [x.Dreamer/Sleepinggirl] Skylar [Paper*Cut] Soha [x.Soha] Sorlink [MusicIsDaBomb/Reverse This Curse] Star [starfire.] TK [Goggle-Face] TW/P [TamaW/pants] Vivienne [Ryancloud.x/Neon Tiger./Clouds.] xXLillyXx Zoe [Zoe cola] Zoria [Zip] ~Mew
  13. "Thank youuu." Aunt Kay brought me a sammich. n..n ~Mew
  14. http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showuser=170564 Link to my profile. Yay. 8D ~Mew