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  1. Me too. My own family won't even beleive me. Sometimes I feel so alone. But it's okay. I finally found a friend (at school) who truely beleives in me and ghosts. I love her. <3 But yeah. My hauntings are quiet personal, also.
  2. 1. Notes are actually really easy to learn. 2. I play trombone and used to play trumpet. Trombone is easier to play, but slide positions can be a little tricky. Trumpets are a little harder to play, but they fingerings are quiet easy. Those are two instruments I recomend. 3. Not really. Of coarse, you will be nervous at first. But with most auditoriums, there's so much light, you can't even see the audience. It's really fun. I hope you love band and happy lol P.S. You should try marching band when you're older. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!
  3. I used to have like ALL guys friends, but now i only have girl friends and some guy friends
  4. Does it come with an SD card? Or can you put an SD card in it? IF you do, take the SD card and place it into a little slot in your computar.
  5. oh, and the movie is dumb! It sucked SO bad! My friend LOVED it! But she never read the books. She says books are dumb and a waste of time...?!?!
  6. I don't think I've seen one. I hate hate hate new moon. I'm speeding through eclipse so i can read breaking dawn
  7. here's some more. 1. when ever i day dream, i completly check out. but if something important is about to happen (like the teacher calls on me, etc.) i check right back in and i know exactly what they are talking about. 2. i get a's in math and i get f's in drama? (HEEEELLLLOOOO??? I want to be a actress when i'm older, NOT A MATHAMAGICAN) 3. I have an insane crush on Link, from Ledgend of Zelda. HE IS SO FRIKIN HOT 4. It takes me about 3 hours to get to sleep 5. I have staring problems, too... 6. I'm pretty sure you've heard this annyoing phrase before: "I'm the kind of girl to burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happend yesterday." Well, i literally do that. I'n reading period, i nearly die laughing for yesterday's joke, everybody looks at me like im sycho. 7. I am terribly afraid of heights, but i love skydiving and bungee jumping 8. "You can't have what you want" Well, that works out perfectly for me. If i want to win a contest or get good grades, i have to keep thinking negetivly: "Oh, I never going to win", "My grades arn't gonna be good" then i most likely win. 9. I'm emo by heart, dumb blonde by looks 10. This is kinda weird (im not lebso) but when ever i see a girl, i check her out.
  8. one time, when i was really little (5), my friend Sadie and I were watching "the little mermaid" and i fell asleep. I dreamt that sadie left without waking me up and went to the church. i woke up and i asked my mom where sadie went and she said she left to the church and didn't want to wake you up.I have some other times too, but i'm tired. night
  9. OMG you live in australia?! I so wanna move there....
  10. OMG i am sick to my stomache! I know this sounds like a stupid rumor, but it's true: Obama hangs out with terrorists! No seriously. In April, Everybody's going to regret wanting Obama OBAMA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. yeah, but i wanted to make a poll since my last topic didn't really work
  12. My X Best friend did the rudest thing to me! ok let me tell you the story We were doing a Halloween Carnival and we were in charge of the "boo"n bag toss. I was really bored so I started playing with the prizes. Makayla FREAKED out "OH MY GOSH KARI! YOU ARN'T SOPOSED TO BE PLAYING WITH THOSE!!!!!!! THOSE ARE FOR THE KIDS!! STOP IT NOW!!" Now, Don't tell me that's not freaking out " It's OK Makayla, I'm just playing with them, don't need to freak out" I said "I AM NOT FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" So then I put them down. "Happy now?" I said. "SHUT UP KARI!" "You shut up makayla" "Don't tell me what to do" "Then don't tell ME what to do" "I AM not!" "What ever" So then I walked away to sit with my bro. Makayla kepy bossing me around like there's no tomorrow. She was so rude. THE NEXT DAY (at church) Makayla told all her friends my BIGGEST SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!! So BIG I shouldn't say this on the web. Then I tryed ignoring her, and she WOULDN'T STOP!!!! She kept annoying me and wouldn't leave me alone! Omg I am just so angry. What should I do? (I AM NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE TO HER) Plz help.