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  1. Onnieray Interway Ermmm... Camisado
  2. Glomp- =D David Archuletta. (Someone already said David Cook, David A must get lonely D=)
  3. Mikey wtf XD That sounds fun, actually O.o I think showers are relaxing =D I like to turn up the water alot, it is numbing. Me likey. She steam sort of calms my nerves. When I bathe, I always add in, like... half a bottle of bubble bath O.o It gets all foamy, I remember once, the shower curtain was pulled, and I put in too much, it went half way Up the wall O.o
  4. Sweet Jesus :| One more Miley topic. Thank you so much for wasting caomputer space on one more retarded topic about Miley Cyrus. She is a whore. We get it. Plzkthnx.
  5. August 16th, 0001. Pshyeah. I'm older than you. Eat it. AUGUST BIRTHDAYS FTW.
  6. Both. I usually use my right, but each have equal handwriting, and such, same typing speed and all, no difference. I use my right because switching all the time could be confusing to my classmates x.x I am cross-dominant.
  7. I do that all the time XD I eat em straight. The acid doesn't bother me at all anymore. Its just like... woah XD I don't particularly like either. Apples are overrated, and I hate pulp. I prefer pomagranate. Pomagranate is the fruit of GOD. Pshyeah.
  8. Everyone has their opinion, hun. You can't tell us not to say it sucks. Personally, I despise it. I believe that McDonalds is one of the leading sources in the world of child obecity. It is absolutely disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Literally, you could not pay me to eat there x.x People have tried.
  9. I hate it. I hate it all. You seriously could not pay me to eat there. X_X I really don't even understand why that place is legal. It is a bigger health threat than.... oh... you get my point. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.
  10. =DDD I like it. Will there be more? If so, Pm me =D
  11. -Jumps out window- Stupid stupid topic >.< Miley needs to die down a bit. If I see one more Miley topic I am going to go off myself >_<
  12. I always really love the things that Jinx and Axie have in their signatures. They have meaning. I like it. Jinx's poetry rocks. I think if she were to publish something, I would buy it. Also, when they are decorative. I hate plain signatures. No random blue crud, and screwed up hyperlinks, please.
  13. Err.... C? Who sings the song 'Time To Dance': A) Spice Girls Panic at The Disco C) Cobra Starship
  14. Not at all. Hobos are your friends =D I feel really bad for them, actually. No place to live. That would suck.
  15. Pfft. That was easy. Person below me, drop and give me.... 600. Have fun.