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    5 Likes-<br><br>1. Gir<br>2. Invader Zim<br>3. Drama<br>4. Tamatalk.com<br>5. Hoops & YoYo<br><br>5 Dislikes-<br><br>1. Country Singers<br>2. Bugs and Spiders <br>3. Bakugan and Yugioh<br>4. Anything on Disney that sings.<br>5. People who don't like Gir or Hoops & YoYo.

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  1. I personally am a BIG fan of vampires, anyone got any good vampire stories?
  2. Me and my friend are going to put up a prank call on youtube, We've desided that we're going to prank call Walmart. Here's the story: We're going to call customer service as one young women who is getting married and the other girl is her best friend. The thing is, They want her bachlorrete party at Walmart. WHAT WOULD BE SOMETHING FUNNY FOR US TO SAY? Plz post! Your idea might end up on youtube!
  3. I've decided (for now) that I'm going to do a little kids cartoon show. But keep looking for iCarly because I'm working on that to!
  4. Patrick: 1:30/1:30 Sonic: 1:00/10:00
  5. I think that just made my day. Earth to JONAS think before you post!
  6. I am going to do a TV show parody to put up on Youtube. With TV show should it be?
  7. Ya I was thinking of doing a TV show parody.
  8. Thanks for the info but im looking for actual ideas. You know liked, prompts? Storylines?
  9. I want to make a great video to put up on youtube only, I don't have any ideas. Do you guys have any ideas on an animation, comedy, action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, or other video that I could make?
  10. I ban you for putting the words Star and Fire together
  11. Feel Good Inc. *HAHAHAHAHAHA* What is your name?
  12. Hey Tama, Well i have my braces right now and there BRIGHT GREEN! For me they didnt numb my teeth... i dont think they do that.All the other stuff you said is true BUT they staple and tighten the wire when they put them on which makes then really sore for a few weeks. Im ten I get mine off in November I got them in June
  13. I have my little baby lovebird named Peep...SHE IS ADORABLE! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...26-1280x960.jpg (NOTE: This is NOT my actual birdie....but it looks alot like her)