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  1. My V5 log: Green shell with pink and yellow flowers. Family Name: Starr Generation: 2 My adult Sukatchi had babies today!!! It had two boys and one girl Mousetchi- boy (first hatched) Sakuratchi- girl (second hatched) Ahirukutchi- boy (third hatched) Memepapatchi- dad (before becoming a parent this tama was a Sukatchi) Mamametchi- mum Bonds o% 1600G Blended Family x That was my v5 tama log... WHATS YOURS???
  2. How many tamagotchis do you look after? Can you handle them all or do they die?
  3. Do you think pure families are better? If you do, why? If you don't, why? What are the benefits of having a pure family???
  4. It's okay but at first I didn't have a clue how to play the games. Then I worked the TV game out but I still couldnt work the teacups game out. I just worked it out today, you have to pour tea into the biggest cup, press 'a' button for the left cup 'b' button for the right cup but DONT press 'c' as it cancels your game! Also the game points are very low, the highest amount of mooney I have ever won is 70gp and that is not a lot! Also the shop sells very expensive things, I paid 1,500gp for and item and it turned out only to be a dessert (snack!!!)!!!
  5. Do you think it is better to have a pure family? If you do think so, why? If you don't think so, why?
  6. Is it better to have a pure family? What are the benefits of having a pure family???
  7. How do you find out what kind of family your tama is? How do you know it is a bad-care one, will they all be ninja's? and if it is overfeed they are really humongous right?
  8. If you have never seen it before that is probably because you click on it after it has done the poop and you are just cleaning it up but when it shakes its head that means it needs to poop and if you dont click in time it will go on the floor but if you make it it will go on a potty/toilet. x
  9. On my V5 my three characters (mousetchi, belltchi and tororotchi) have been toddlers for 4 days! I was told that it took only two days to evolve from toddlers to teens. They havent even been paused once! Why? Whats Wrong? PLEASE HELP!
  10. I cheated on lots of toys because my tama was sad. I know you didn't earn it but you are helping your tama and if your tama needs something you give it to them NO MATTER HOW you got it you are still helping.
  11. I have a V5 familitchi and it says tamagotchi at the top! But it is so weird coz it says Bandai 2004 on the back, and they werent made in 2004!
  12. MY TAMA LOG: V5 Green shell with pink and yellow hearts. Two girls, one boy Belltchi- Kelly (Girl, first hatched) Mousetchi- Jack (Boy, second hatched) Tororotchi- Rosie (Girl, third hatched) All Toddlers Most Frequent Animations- Opening Fridge, Staring at the Easter Bunnny, Yawning next to an open window and singing. Whats your tama look like? What are your tama characters? Are they baby, toddler, teen or adult? Please share your tama log!
  13. Unfotunatly, at the moment V5 is the highest one in England that is "real" (real meaning ade by Bandai) ALL others over V5 are FAKE
  14. My tama is a V5 green shell with yellow and pink flowers. blended family 1 boy (mousetchi) 2 girls (tororotchi and belltchi) toddlers Gen.1 Family Name: Starr (starr is my familys surname, which is why my name is Starry_Sky)
  15. Hiya just wondering, how long (how many days) does it take for a toddler to evolve into teen and thn how long for teen into adult?