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  1. that is super weird, haha. and also the v3 is like in love with the v4.5 while the v4.5 is just friends with the v3.
  2. but now my teen wont grow up. ive been waiting for like 3 days.
  3. it is pretty creepy, especially because mine is a young mametchi and it had a baby girl. O.o
  4. any idea how this can happen even though he is only 2 and now has a baby?
  5. Okay, so i was connecting my tamagotchi v3 and v4.5 and the connection was failed. but then on my v3 the character went somewhere, while the v4.5 one stayed. Then the v3 started showing fireworks. i was really confused but i thought it was just a glitch,but then my v3 character returned and he had a baby!!! This probably wouldn't be a big deal except he is two years old and still a teenager. This is really creepin me out. Anyone have any idea how this happened and did this happen to anyone else?!
  6. nothing has been going on with jordn. its been pretty boring... nobody PM me so im guessing no ones reading?
  7. havent been on for a while now. bear had a baby its a girl. she is not a teen and her name is jordn after the shoeessss. well i dont know if i should still write in the log bc i dont think anyone is reading it so it is pointless...i still like tamagotchi's its just this log is dumb. if there is one person just one who wants me to keep writing please please PLEASE send me a pm... bye :[
  8. bear grew up into a mametchi ! she is a lil cutie i love her !!!!
  9. Beaar is now 3 years old but she didnt grow up into an adult? weird iknow. well im super bored right now bear is no fun. blaaaahhh bye
  10. omg 4th page !!! right now im listening toooo justin bieber one time ! that song is flippin amazing i lalalalalaLOVE it. okay well bear is 2 years old and really boring. no offense bear. but thats the truth. nothing to log about today....very bored soo got a log? send me the link(: [s'laters]
  11. heyy bear grew up today ! she is an adorable nikatchi ! the one that always smiles. like mother like daughter :] so nothing really exiting happend today. so im just gonna go wait did you know how yummy apples and peanut butter is ?! its amazing !!! okay well byebye(:
  12. ohhh yaaaa i forgot to ask. if you have a good log send me the link. i want a good read.(:
  13. okay ik someone is reading this log or else my views couldnt have went from 705 to 715. so who is it >:] whoever it is thanks a bundle. high five ! okay now to bear she is still an adorable tooth :] that sound gross but she is cute. i just fed her a snack bc one of her happy hearts were dowwwnnn. oh my gosh i just caught her on the toilet ! sucess and now i had to feed her a scone bc i have no food at all. she gets very active while i write about her. guess she likes being in the spotlight :] [s'laters]
  14. ugg left today at 12 a.m i stayed up just so i could say bye to her :'[ I'll miss you ugg. you were a great tama that was adorble. i guess bear takes after you. bye ugg (sniff sniff) well now i have an adorable baby girl named bear after bearpaws the brand and she is adorable. ~!~ she is the child that kinda looks like a tooth. and i she played with her doll like 3 times as a baby then when she had the nap before evolving the doll was over her ! it was super cute(: now she is just hoping all over the screen being a cutie pie. i think her name suits her very well well i gotta go bc desprate housewives starrts today !!!! byebye ! P.S 705 views !!!
  15. hello readers.... ugg is still withh her baby girl :] and today i had to go to polish school and i didnt wanna pause my tama so my sis took care of ugg and her baby. she did an okay job. i also bought a doll for ugg and future baby who still doesnt have a NAME ! thanks alot readers. im angry at u guys. so good day I SAID GOOD DAY !