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  1. wish the rp section was like it used to be :(

  2. aww, thank you darling. (:

  3. you're so pretty :3

  4. Well I would be the same as Kate if I had eight kids, it's not that easy! But it's a shame that their marriage is on edge, the family all in all is wonderful. Good show.
  5. What is your hair like? Describe it, compare it to someone famous. How you make it the way you like it. Yes, this topic is about hair. Now, my hair is long, brown and razor-ed. Kind of like, Haley Williams. In the summer I get natural blond highlights.
  6. One of my curious questions. What's on your 08' Backpack for this year? Mine is a light blue / turquoise backpack with yellow stars on it. Comment or vote, please :]
  7. 10/10 Behind The Sea ~ Panic At The Disco
  8. I don't really know. I would go for Obama, but my sister had a very good point. She wasn't trying to be racist or anything, but she said if Obama would become president. It may be a possible chance he may be assassinated. Because you know, America may not be ready for a African American president yet. And like I mentioned before, she wasn't trying to be racist or anything. And yet, several people in the world still have a thing agianst other peoples color, or religion. Or possibly else. I thought she had a very good point. But I still would go for Obama.
  9. There may be a topic like this. But when I first got Pretty. Odd. I thought it was just terrific. Love the sound and taste of the music. But, many of my friends on others sites and several at school think it sounded like crap. 'Oh I miss the old Panic. This album made them sound different but in a very bad way. I wasted all my time to wait for this album and it was a waste of my money!' or 'This album is just a rip off of The Beatles and this album is much slower. The lyrics/songs are very boring and redundant.' All of them were diehard fans of Panic but most of them even got rid of their t-shirts and posters. I've been hearing and seeing this for the very first time Pretty. Odd. came out. I don't know why but I love the album. Sure the music sounds different then it used to be. What would your thought be on about the album and how several fans reacted when they heard it. Like my friends did. Did you love it or hate it? Or even think it was okay? Please at least comment, post or vote.