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  1. That's a pretty neat idea there. Given Tamagotchi's popularity over in Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually get something similar somewhere down the line. Holograms might be a while off yet, but I could definitely see some kind of VR experience being a not so distant possibility. Oh, and welcome to the forums!
  2. Something about the winter season always gets be super nostalgic for Tamagotchi. Probably has to do with getting most of my first few tamas around this time. Despite not really being around for years now, I'm really happy to see how many people are still around the site :) 

    1. Maria&Co.


      Something about November and December gets me nostalgic for Tamagotchi, too. I have very fond memories of playing with them around Christmas ^_^

    2. cmarie


      Same!  I got my first Nano baby at Christmas in the 90's and then shortly after met a friend who got a tamagotchi for Christmas.  We would trade back and forth all the time and I fell in love with tamagotchi and all digital pets.  

    3. x.Tori.x


      So glad to see you still around here even though it's been a while!! I hope things are well on your end! :) 

  3. Welcome to the site! I'd say the P's was a pretty good choice for a first color tama. Plenty of features, even without the dozens (hundreds now?) of download items. You can even make your own download items/toys/backdrops/ect. if your tech-savvy. There is an English patch that you can apply as well, which is pretty neat. For both the downloads and the patch, you'll need a IrDA USB dongle (usually less than $10), and access to a compatible computer (windows 8.1 or earlier should be just fine, don't think Win10 works). If you're interested in this, you can find more details here: http://mrblinky.net/tama/ps/english/readme-release-1.5.html Of course, if you choose not to go that path, there are plenty of tutorials about what the menu's mean, and plenty more friendly folks willing to help out with any issues you run into!
  4. My favorite game...Would have to be a toss-up between the following: Sonic Adventure DX Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green Super Mario World Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones Minecraft
  5. Just snagged myself a P1 off of eBay for $13. Mé gusta mucho!

    1. Bluebearrie
    2. Avii


      ebay can be a god send

  6. You can find a music star growth chart Here! To get Kuchipatchi, you have to give your tama average care (3-4 care misses should do the trick). Your tama must also be on an odd number generation, otherwise you'll end up with a Dorotchi.
  7. Here is a complete list of all the happy symbols for each character. Keep in mind that the fourth symbol is gotten after 48 hours of being an adult.
  8. Getting all the TaMaToMo pieces differs between characters, and can only be done once your tamagotchi has reached their adult stage. Every adult character has three different happy symbols (Ta, Ma, and To), while the remaining one (Mo) is gotten 48 hours after your tamagotchi has become an adult. You can check here for a pretty comprehensive list of how to get every character's happy symbols. One other thing you might want to note, just as each adult character has foods/items that they like, they also have some in which they dislike. You can find those listed at the above link as well.
  9. I have the tendency to run several tamagotchi's at one time, typically anywhere from 2-5, depending on my mood. More often than not, these consist of my V1, V3, and V4, along with a few others depending on what I feel like running at the moment, usually being a vintage or color tamagotchi.
  10. There is a fairly common glitch that Tama-Go's can get that prevents the age meter from going up, but don't worry, the glitch is merely cosmetic, and doesn't affect anything. It should go away on the next generation. As far as when your tamagotchi can marry, access to the Date Place opens up 48 hours after your tamagotchi becomes an adult, which is typically when your tamagotchi would turn 6.
  11. The date place should appear 48 hours after your tamagotchi becomes an adult. Typically, this will be when your tamagotchi turns 6. It should be noted that the number on the age meter does not determine when your tamagotchi can marry, nor when your tamagotchi would become an oldie, so you shouldn't have to worry about your tamagotchi not being able to marry in time. If your tamagotchi just turned 6 today before advancing the age meter, then your tamagotchi should be able to marry either later today, or tomorrow morning.
  12. I've seen that an P's English patch has been nearly completed, and I was wondering if an iD L English patch was ever made? Edit: Just realized that I put iD instead of iD L as the title, sorry 'bout that.
  13. My first vintage was a royal blue P2, it's crazy to think how long ago I got that little guy, but he still works just fine. Fun fact, my now favorite tamagotchi Kusatchi (the funky little dude on my avatar) originated from the P2.
  14. Just a word of advice, you tend to be more likely to pass the pro debut the more you have your Tamagotchi practice (they do this on their own, or you can choose to have them do so with the door icon), as well as having high skill points also greatly increases your odds. That in mind, you don't have to max out all three to pass, I've passed several times with only 1 or none fully maxed, it's just you're odd increase the higher they are in general, with all three max giving you the most likely odds.