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  1. The Morino is one of my all time-favourites. Mesu and Osu pair is fun too and even the original Gen1/Gen2 stuff. I haven't gotten around to grabbing an english ID L but looks like fun, same with Devilgotchi and Santaclautchi.
  2. The problem with the Tamagotchi Friends version is still the lack of a colour screen. With the cheapest toys at toys-r-us and other outlets sporting cheap colour LCD screens I still don't quite understand why it's omitted besides cutting prices down since they are unsure how well new tamagotchis will sell overseas. I also don't quite care for how the C button has been altered slightly and you can't just cancel out of screens as quickly as before. The waiting around to start up a game is quite annoying too and I don't care too much for the games this time around either.
  3. Was quite an undertaking, but I was able to recover the gargoyles, vancouver, and postpets pages as well. And even recovered a few more images. Just a few things missing before I would label it 100% complete, but it's very close.
  4. It's no longer down. It was a few days ago, try to access her message board and she has a message stating why it was down. Basically, a server crash. In any case, it's been archived now since the robots.txt doesn't allow archive.org and other sites to scrape it.
  5. The other day mimitchi.com was down for the first time in years. And her set is setup so robots.txt will not allow to scrape it. This means if her site ever went down archive.org can't even help us see it again. For those who don't know, mimitchi.com was one of the largest tamagotchi related sites. As far as I know, it's the last one from the late 90s that started out as a small homepage on a free webspace and is still available for viewing today. I know there's a few one-off dead tripod pages out there, etc. but this site is large, detailed, and well put together. If you're looking for information on tamagotchis before the V1 series, this is the place to check out. Luckily, she brought it back online and I was sure to grab the entire website. You can see a mirror of it at: http://dk.toastednet.org/www.mimitchi.com An offline version in 7-zip format: http://dk.toastednet.org/mimitchidotcom.7z
  6. Since I archived Mimitchi.com the other day, I thought it would be worthwhile to archive another rather large tamagotchi site from the late 90s. The site was run by Amy Sasaki from about 97-03'ish and went under a lot of various handle's. All the one's I can call recall are as follows: * Berry Market * Aptenodytian Empire HeadQuarters * The Pinguin * Twotone * Turquoise Angel * Aurora Minui * Quezovercoatl * Juniper Walters * Clockwork Penguin Productions's Some of you may remember the URL as: * http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/4791 * http://members.xoom.com/two_tone * http://berrymarket.fc2web.org I was able to archive most of the site, but it was very difficult and time consuming because it's only available on archive.org and some images were missing so I had to locate suitable replacements online (mostly for the animations of tamagotchis). Some I will likely never find them unless Amy happens to find herself online some day. The beastwars, gargoyles, vancouver, and postpets pages are totally missing and I cannot recover these. Here is the site: http://dk.toastednet.org/www.berrymarket.f...es/mainpage.htm You can download an offline version of the site in 7-zip format at: http://dk.toastednet.org/www.berrymarket.f.../berrymarket.7z Hope to see some feedback on this page, it was one of my favourites!
  7. Also, don't use WD40 with it. It might leak into the screen and ruin the background. It will also make it easier for the screwdriver to slip out and strip the screw even more. Taking it to a jeweler or getting a high quality mini screwdriver will do the trick.
  8. Any time I've gotten Tama related goods from Japan via ebay they always tend to mark it as "gift" with no more than $5 or $10 value.
  9. Oh, and forgot to mention, once they're adults you can get them to 99mg with no ill effects. This applies to P1/P2 tamas as well. You can just keep feeding them their personal snack to raise 1 heart/1 happy. Someone on tama-zone translated the list for me The guy also said the last two are related to the secret characters and contained spoilers. When I asked for more info I never heard from him again, so maybe someone else out there can tell me what it was? EDIT: Found out some of it, which is what I was pretty sure it was: Koganetchi & Tentochi : 41-49 mg Chobi-Tamatchi & Minotchi: 33-40 mg Mushibatchi & Genjinchi : 50-60 mg I'm assuming Koganetchi/Tenotchi also includes not feeding it candy the entire time or you'll likely get a secret character if it stays on Hot. Never tested to see what happens cold. Or what happens if it's overfed past 60mg. EDIT2: Found this translated from german Also, this is from the official site for Helmetchi: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Ftamagotch.channel.or.jp%2Fgame2%2Fhelmet%2Fhelmet.html&act=url FutagoAritchi: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Ftamagotch.channel.or.jp%2Fgame2%2Fari%2Fari.html Whew, information overload! Hope that answers most of your questions!
  10. I've been running a morino since like December. You feed it candy as soon as the option appears, which is the Imotchi stage. The type of cocoon you get depends on the final weight and if you fed it candy all the time. One thing I do know is if you keep the weight as low as possible (about 20-29mg iirc) you will always get Minotchi/Funkorogotchi. 40-49mg is Koganetchi/Tentotchi/Helmetchi/FutagoAritchi. Getting Helmetchi is easy if you just feed it candy every time, get to 40-49mg, keep the temp warm. By warm I mean, consistently monitor it every 2-3 hours. Keep it paused over night if you have to, it won't penalize you. Don't let it stay at max on the hot spectrum for too long and don't let it dip past the middle for too long as well. He'll come out the cocoon. Now keep the weight at exactly 30mg. I haven't tested if it's 30-39mg, yet. But, keeping it at exactly 30mg is fine. I still fed him only candy at this point, but not sure if it matters. Once he goes back in the cocoon 2 days later just keep the temp really low. Not totally maxed out, but a tick or two off. FutagoAritchi is essentially the same process. Feed only candy, get to 40-49mg, but keep temp super high. Almost maxed out basically the entire time, but once again monitor it. Don't let it stay max forever or it will die in the cocoon. You can actually just feed it and wait until he beeps for you to play with him or to scare or a predator and it doesn't appear to penalize you on the cocoon you get. Using this method, I have been able to get him to 40mg by day 2. Though, if you miss too many calls for a predator he will die. This appears to be about 3 or 4 times. And with an adult I've noticed if you missed it about 2 times that's it. I've never gotten one to live past 9 days, yet. Hope you enjoy your Morino! It's my favourite out of all the various tama's that I own. Attached is a growth chart, however I have seen either a thread or a website that actually stated the weight levels typical to get each character. Sadly, I don't remember where I found it. Maybe someone else out there reading this knows.
  11. I'm a little late to the party on this one, but thanks. Some signatures were really getting out of control.
  12. I was decompiling the original files and got the main town out of it, but the different areas to visit use their own separate files which archive.org did not save. I tried checking euro and US' servers. Maybe if someone has the Japanese links I could check there for it but I am not expecting much.
  13. Try http://web.archive.org/web/20100526133701/http://www.tamagotchieurope.com/EN/JinSeiEN/tamaok.html for V4. My V4 is inactive atm so I can't try the login sequence. UPDATE: It will fail on the login since the cgi-bin is missing. If someone decompiles the original swf at you might be able to at least pull enough out of it to play the games but no passwords will be generated any more.
  14. Yup, good luck! Keep me posted on what develops.
  15. Every time I had weird stuff like this, like other people said, it's typically the battery. You'll have to start out with a FRESH battery. I've had the same weirdness where the battery would work okay in a V5 but not in V4/4.5. The earlier models may draw slightly more current when trying to XMIT/RCV with the IR. I won't name specific sellers on here (pretty sure it's against the rules?), but just look up Maxell CR2032 on ebay. Pay close attention to where it ships from. There's a few that pop up from China with free shipping and you'll end up waiting a long time. There's a few sellers from NY and CA that have free shipping and a 5-pack typically costs me no more than $2-$3. Same goes for LR44 batteries.