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  2. Thanks, friend! Easter has no real meaning to me, but it's very nice that someone is outgoing as you to post 'Happy Easter' on everyone's profile. I hope that you have a happy easter yourself, and get lots of candy! :D

  3. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  4. By the way, maybe we should have Grey and Selena plan that out off-screen. It would be nice surprise for someone if they (by some off chance) happened to be reading Grey's and Selena's story.

  5. Muahahaha! But of course!

  6. All right, that sounds good. ^^

    And years won't pass anymore after they get married. Then nobody else graduates. >:3

  7. I'll probabyl still roleplay as Selena, just because it would be fun to see how their lives progress. Plus, she'll still be tied to the academy in certain ways-- friends, missions, and possibly to help out when they need it.

  8. I love it. C: I look forward to that plot.

    But I've been sort of wondering for a while, what are they going to do after they leave the academy? Would we still role play as them, because the whole setting is back there and all...

  9. In the epic battle with the heroes, Selena is going to let herself get "killed". It appears she's been dissintegrated, but she's actually alive and well, hidden in a trap door device. But the only person she will have told is Grey (note: this is post wedding). Later on, he can come back and get her, and they leave without really telling anyone. (:

  10. Okay. You can go ahead and tell me then.

  11. Basically, it involves a fake death. that's pretty much the gist of it.

  12. I suppose I should know, then...

  13. Well... you're also a bit involved in it too, actually. I mean, Grey is.

  14. I sort of want to know the RP plot, because I want to be able to play along and such, but I don't neccesarily want spoilers. And if we both knew what was going to happen, it might not be as fun.

    So I'm conflicted on wheter or not I want to...