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  1. It could be a glitch, the ball one? I not them I.D.K.
  2. I think there is a PC pack for a tama, so that maybe basically what you mean?
  3. I am obsessed! Thanks for being nice to me! Most ppl in this Forum are rude to me. And well, whats your adress? I'll see bout that....
  4. OI! 2/10. I'm never returning to any topic on fun stuff for a while. (Except my topics.)
  5. Wha? It can't be! I like avvive's with faces on. Your's is 2/10.
  6. Just joking! Though it isn't Haloween I just put it on.
  7. Violetchi = like. Robotchi/Androtchi = Love. I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Hate like or love?
  8. *Sigh* This isn't going well...... I said Disney Pixar Cars, Hate like or love? Don't ignore me this time.
  9. Can you explain better? Are you trying to get a pure Ninja family? >.>
  10. Am I the only person On-Line or what? Mine's a 9/10 to me.
  11. Sorry for the long pause, nothing happened. My tams are all paused and have been for about 2 days. But my friendly workmate is coming round and he may bring his tams and his DS! He has Corner Shop 2! And I have the royal costume. Nothing else, except the P1 Simu is now a Kuchipatchi! (I always get him on the simu. *__*) Bye bye. Oh toodles! I forgot to say that my v3 has all the souvenirs!