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  1. May I join this group hatch, as well? Please?
  2. Hello again to my Log readers. I have posted a thread in Tamagotchi Memorial, so please stop by and pay your respects to the Short Family. My V5 still has no battery in it, but maybe when I buy a battery I will start a new Log here someday. Until then, thanks for reading!
  3. Tamagotchi's Name: The Short Family Tamagotchi's Age: Tama Teens Date of Birth: March 17, 2010 Date of Passing: March 23, 2010 What Generation? 11G Your Comments: Cooper- Papapatchi (Father) Jane- Mamapatchi (Mother) Alex- Mamekatchi (Oldest Son) Keisha- Chamametchi (Middlest Daughter) Milo- Bakutchi (Youngest Son) The Short Family reset itself while Alex played Golf with his father. I can't believe it! This happened to my V5.5, the Holly Family, who were also Tama Teens on 10G. Why? How? That makes no sense. All of my Tamas miss you. The Gravestone: _________________ [ R.I.P. Short Family] [ 3/17/10-3/23/10 ] [ Good Bye ] _________________
  4. No! The glitch in my V5 complicated. While Alex played Golf with his father, the Tama reset itself and shut off. Now I have to get a new battery, but it's too late. The Short Family is gone! Nooooo! This happened to my V5.5 Tama Celebrity on the same generation on the same stage. Hmmm.... Is this a coincidence? I have to find out. Good Bye, Short Family! And Good Bye, Log! Sorry to all of you readers, but I'll continue with the rest of my Tamas on my Blogagotchi. Please read it! I hope I'm allowed to post the link to their memorial when I create it in the Tamagotchi Memorial section of TT. Good-Bye Short Family!!
  5. LOG: Alex: We evolved! Milo: Chuck, your dialogue tag needs to say Chuck. Alex: No, it doesn't! I don't like that nickname. Milo: PonytchiLuv, will you change it? Chuck: No! Oh, it's too late. Keisha: I guess so, CHUCK! Chuck: Not funny! PonytchiLuv: I'll change it back. But now I'm posting your new stats. Family: Blended Stage: Tama Teen Alex (eldest)- Mamekatchi Keisha (middlest)- Chamametchi Milo (youngest)- Bakutchi Bonding: 30% Gotchi Point: 1060 GP Generation: 11G ALEX(CHUCK)'S DIARY: Hey! Stop it, PonytchiLuv! PonytchiLuv: Sorry. Keisha: It's kind of funny. Milo: Yeah! Just admit it! It is NOT funny at all. You'll see. Milo: Again with the threats. Ha! Well, I'll be a Kuromametchi! Keisha: OK... Can I write in my diary now? PonytchiLuv: Sure. KEISHA'S DIARY: I wish I could be something other than a Lovezukintchi when I grow up. Hey, PonytchiLuv? PonytchiLuv: What? Can we increase our bonding? PonytchiLuv: Sorry, but no. Your brother- Who cares about my brother? I want to be a Violetchi. PonytchiLuv: I already promised Al- Milo: It's Chuck! Alex: It's ALEX. Milo: IT'S CHUCK. Alex: IT IS ALEX!!!!!!!!! Milo: Chuck! I want to write in my diary, PonytchiLuv. PonytchiLuv: OK, but promise me that you will not give any reference to alex's nickname for the rest of the post. Milo: Oh! Fine! MILO'S DIARY: We don't get too much time in our diaries. How come we only get a few lines, and Sara got longer than all three of our entries combined? Keisha: Sara had better things to talk about. *sigh* Like love. Stop being all gushy! Girls are gushy. That's why I'm going to Tama Town. Keisha: You might end up marrying in Tama Town. Who knows? Dorothy from one of PonytchiLuv's V5.5s would be happy to get just about anyone! *giggles* Alex: *snickers* Yeah, on the blog she totally got dumped by Milo! By me? Alex: By the other Milo. Keisha: Milo the Nemutchi. Oh yeah! That was so funny! But I don't like her. She's only a Shelltchi. Alex: She got dissed again! Ooooo! PonytchiLuv: That's not nice, Ch- Alex! Cut it out. That's not fair! You said not to mention... well, you know. Keisha: You almost said Chuck! *covers mouth* oops. Alex: STOP! PonytchiLuv: Yeah, stop! Keisha: But you almost... PonytchiLuv: But I didn't say it. So there.
  6. LOG: Alex, Keisha, and Milo were traveling for a day or so, and they're still Tama Toddlers. I want Alex to be a Kuromametchi when he grows up- that would be cool. Alex: Yeah, that would be cool. Milo: CHUCK! Alex: Chuck what? Milo: That's your new nickname that I made up for you on the spot. Alex: What? That's weird. Keisha: That's weirder than the name Milo! Milo: Milo is NOT a weird name! Keisha: PonytchiLuv doesn't like it. I'm not sure if I like Chuck, either. It's not like his name is Charlie or anything. Alex: Where did you come up with "Chuck" anyways? Milo: Dunno. Back on topic! Here's some stats- Family: Blended Stage: Tama Toddler Alex (eldest)- Mattaritchi Keisha (middlest)- Tororotchi Milo (youngest)- Ahirukutchi Bonding: 20% Gotchi Point: 1060 GP Generation: 11G Keisha: Not much different from last time. Well, I posted them anyways!!! Alex: We can see that. ALEX(Chuck)'S DIARY: My nickname is not Chuck. I refuse to be called Chuck! Milo: What about Buck? You have buckteeth. Fine. I'm Chuck. Milo: Up Chuck! Har har! Keisha: You have a funny laugh. Milo: Nuh-uh! Let me talk! I can't wait to be a Kuromametchi. When I'm cool and bucktooth-less, you'll both be sorry. Milo: Is that a threat? Keisha: You're a Tama. What could you do? I could be cooler than you. That's what I could do. Keisha: *gasps sarcastically* Oh no! *laughs* PonytchiLuv: That's enough, Keisha. Keisha: I want to write in my diary! KEISHA'S DIARY: My name is Keisha, but it should've been Ke$ha, like that singer. PonytchiLuv: You absolutely should not have been! Keisha is better. Not really. Why do I have to be a Lovezukintchi? Alex: I get to be a secret character! Ha! Milo: Chuck. Alex: GRR! PonytchiLuv: Let's give Milo a chance to talk. Keisha: What! I didn't do anything. MILO'S DIARY: I get to write! Yeah! Maybe I'll be an Uhyotchi when I grow up, like Uncle Milo! Alex: Or an ugly Mukugetchi, like Uncle Ian. PonytchiLuv: Mukugetchi's aren't really ugly. Alex: They are TOO! Keisha: I'd rather marry a Mukugetchi than an Uhyotchi. Why did that Music Star Ashley like Uncle Milo anyways? She's a superstar. She didn't need someone like him. Keisha: We can't connect anyways, so we can't-and shouldn't-fall in love. Quit with all of this gushy stuff! Alex: Yeah, I'm going to have to marry on the Dating Show. Don't gross me out of it! We SHOULD gross you out of it, so I could go on the Dating Show. Keisha: Or I could! PonytchiLuv: Alex would whether he wanted to or not. Alex: Why don't I get a choice?? PonytchiLuv: You'll be a Kuromametchi.
  7. (Approximately) how many times does your band have to practice before one of the members will propose to your Tama? I have no idea, but I've let them practice a lot!
  8. Yes, if both the V5 and V6 have full connection friendship, you can give one of the V5s to the V6 and send it to the Music Star to marry. But if they aren't good enough friends, then te Music Star will refuse to marry the V5 and the V5 can't go back to the tama, so it will be gone forever. So make sure to connect them a lot!!
  9. LOG: There was a typo in the stats of the last post- the Short Family Tamas were adults, not toddlers! Wow, I really need to keep up with this Log before I post on my Blogagotchi. But does anyone even read this? I might just stop posting here and keep expanding my Blogagotchi. I don't know. PM me to tell me what you think! Click the link in my signature if you want the full story, but Ian and Milo found out my trick in making that deal with them, for they couldn't connect with the Music Stars whether they wanted to or not. So Jane married a Kuchipatchi on the Dating Show and Ian and Milo left for Tama Town. Alex: And we came! That's right. Milo: And there's another Milo in the family! *groans* The Short Family Tamas are now three toddlers, and here are their stats: Family: Blended Stage: Tama Toddler Alex (eldest)- Mattaritchi Keisha (middlest)- Tororotchi Milo (youngest)- Ahirukutchi Bonding: 0% Gotchi Point: 1060 GP Generation: 11G They'll have some Diary time soon! Keisha: I hope so!
  10. Tamagotchi's Name: The Holly Family Tamagotchi's Age: Tama Teens Date of Birth: 3/9/10 Date of Passing: 3/14/10 What Generation? 10G Your Comments: Riley- Maharajatchi (Father) Love- Jyooubatchi (Mother) Lexy- Chamametchi (Oldest Daughter) Milo- Mamekatchi (Middlest Son) Pony- Shelltchi (Youngest Daughter) I'm so sorry, Holly Family! You were the best celebrites ever. And now, you can't even be living in TamaTown because you reset before the battery died. There was nothing I could do! The Tree Family misses you so much, and so do the Short Family Tamas and Ashley the Music Star. The Gravestone: ____________ [ R.I.P. Tamas] [ Holly Family ] [ We Miss You ] ____________
  11. LOG: This Log really lacks in updates. With the Blogagotchi, sometimes I forget to post here, too. Jane: We need to post here more often! Milo: Yeah! Let's put some stats here now- Family: Blended Stage: Tama Toddler Ian (eldest)- Mukugetchi Jane (middlest)- Potetchi Milo (youngest)- Uhyotchi Bonding: 30% Gotchi Point: 890 GP Generation: 10G IAN'S DIARY: I'm such and ugly Tama. Plus Jane gets to marry on the Dating Show. Jane: I'm sooooo excited! Nice to know. Milo: You're a sourpuss! You're a baby! Milo: Hmph. JANE'S DIARY: I- Ian: Woah woah WAIT! WHY DID YOU CUT MY DIARY SO SHORT! PonytchiLuv: If you dont have anything nice to say, don't say it. Milo: Ha! PonytchiLuv: That goes for you, too. Milo: Hmph. Let me type! I want a Sukatchi from the Dating Show. PonytchiLuv: You'll get who Ms. Busybody brings. Can't I marry someone I know? PonytchiLuv: You know you can't connect with my other V5s because their connection is messed up. And my Music Stars are both girls. Milo: Who would you have married if you could connect? Milo. Milo: That's why you want to marry a Sukatchi! You're still obsessed with that Tama who married Helena the Music Star? Well, no. *blushes* OK, Yeah. Ian: He didn't even like you! I think he did. Ian: He was crazy for Helena! But he was so nice on the blog! I'm sure he would have married me if I was a Potetchi then. I'd gladly go to Tama Town if I had him. Milo: But you don't. And can't. PonytchiLuv: Does Ashley know about this? No. I'm not telling her that I love her father! Milo: OOOOOO! I'LL TELL FOR YOU! NO! DON'T! MILO'S DIARY: Jane: You wouldn't dare tell Ashley! Oh yes I would! And will. Jane: No! Please don't! Don't tell her! I won't. Ian: Really? I won't... under one condition. Jane: And what is that? I'd do anything for Milo! I know you would. Jane: Not you. The other Milo. Well, I won't tell Ashley anything if you let me marry with the Dating Show. Jane: What! I can't! Then I'll tell. Jane: But- PonytchiLuv: Milo, Jane is getting married on the Dating Show. Awwww. PonytchiLuv: But- But what? PonytchiLuv: I'll tell you in a second! But you can propose to Ashley or this other Music Star, Claire. If one of them accepts, then great. If not, it's to Tama Town with you. Ian: That sounds cruel! PonytchiLuv: It is not cruel! Ian: So I'm going to Tama Town then? PonytchiLuv: The same rules apply to you. Ian: Really? Awesome! That isn't fair PonytchiLuv! PonytchiLuv: That's very fair. Good luck. I'm going to need it. What Music Star will marry a Uhyotchi who'll become a Nazotchi? Ian: I'll propose to Ashley on the Blogagotchi! No, I will first!
  12. LOG: Ian is so anxious to write here that I'll just post stats now. Ian: HURRY UP! Family: Blended Stage: Tama Toddler Ian (eldest)- Mattaritchi Jane (middlest)- Tororotchi Milo (youngest)- Ahirukutchi Bonding: 10% Gotchi Point: 890 GP Generation: 10G As you can see, they're the same! Milo: Why'd you even post them? I don't really know. IAN'S DIARY: Hey! I'm back on here! I don't have fan mail yet, though. Jane: HA! Well, neither do you! Jane: It's still funny. Well, I don't have anything else to say. Milo: Why'd you rush PonytchiLuv, then? PonytchiLuv: Why do you always ask "why?" Milo: I'm not sure. Why do I do that? JANE'S DIARY: Milo: I can take over this diary! Jane loves Milo! Not me, the Sukatchi on PonytchiLuv's other V5!! MILO! You said that you would keep it a SECRET! Ian: You didn't really think that he would, did you? PonytchiLuv: We've been asking lots of questions. Ian: Really? Just kidding. I do love Milo, though. The Milo that my brother was named after. He's so nice. Ian: You barely talk to him! I can sometimes! Like on the Blogagotchi. Milo: But he's marrying Helena today, probably. I know. That's why I wasn't going to tell anyone. PonytchiLuv: I'm sure you'll find someone else. You are only a Tama Toddler, after all. *sigh* Maybe you're right. MILO'S DIARY: Heehee! Jane likes the Sukatchi! He's cool, but he's an adult. Jane: Stop making fun of me! I'm not telling you any more secrets. Do you have any more secrets to tell? Jane: No. *huff* Yeah. Jane: But if I have one, I won't tell you. Ian: What's that supposed to mean? PonytchiLuv: Can you say something without making fun of your sister? Ian: You look funny, Milo! STOP! PonytchiLuv: Don't make fun of your brother, either.
  13. LOG: Now, we have some Short Family updates! Sean and wendy enjoyed their honeymoon/ family trip, and the kids are back to chat. Ian: You know we are! And they're back to interrupt. Milo: Of course! As you may or may not know from reading my Blogagotchi, the youngest Tama, Milo, was named after another V5 I have whose name is also Milo. Jane: It was Milo's idea, too. Milo: Which Milo? Jane: Not you. The other Milo. Milo: Ohhh. Let's get some stats on here now. Family: Blended Stage: Tama Toddler Ian (eldest)- Mattaritchi Jane (middlest)- Tororotchi Milo (youngest)- Ahirukutchi Bonding: 10% Gotchi Point: 890 GP Generation: 10G IAN'S DIARY: I'm so glad that I can talk on here that I don't care if this is a "Diary" or "Journal." PonytchiLuv: That's good. Can I talk? PonytchiLuv: Sorry. My name is Ian. I don't really know why my name is Ian. My dad is really weird so I just got named that because I needed a name. Jane: Ian is kind of a funny name. Hey! Milo: Can I have a turn to talk? But I've hardly had a turn! PonytchiLuv: You've introduced yourself, Ian. Now Jane can talk for awhile. JANE'S DIARY: Hello, everyone! I'm Jane. My mom named me, so I have a cool name. Milo: Milo is a MUCH cooler name. No it isn't Milo: Yeah it is! Ian: Ian is the best name. No it isn't! Ian: Yeah it- PonytchiLuv: STOP! My goodness, three Tama Toddlers is so much more annoying than two! Jane: HEY!! Ian: What did she say? Milo: It doesn't matter! Let Jane talk already. Yeah! Thanks, Milo. I want to be a Potetchi when I'm a Tama Adult. I also want some Tamas here on TT to PM me and be my penpal. Will you? MILO'S DIARY: Milo is by far the coolest name ever heard. Ever. Jane: But PonytchiLuv has another Tama named Milo right now. I know, but he's a cool Sukatchi. Maybe when I grow up, I'll get to be a Kuromametchi. That's even cooler than having the name Milo. Ian: Everything is cooler than having the name Milo! Jane: Except for having the name Ian. Ian: STOP MOCKING MY NAME! PonytchiLuv: I see Ian has inheirited his father's bad temper. Ian is a very nice name. At least you weren't named Pepsi like my V4.5 suggested. Ian: Yeah, you're right. Let me talk! It's my turn to talk! PonytchiLuv: It's time to go to the Blogagotchi now anyways. What?! Awwwww. Well, send me fan mail, all of you Tamas who read this!! Ian: No, send it to me!
  14. LOG: I have now named the three children of the Short Family- Ian, Jane, and Milo. The names are sort of random, but I had to think of something. When they get back from the Travel Show, I'll let them post. I'll also tell you when they evolve. Sorry for the lack of updates- there just aren't too many!
  15. LOG: NEXT GENERATION!!! Lots of new updates for the Short Family! If you've read my Blogagotchi, you'll know this already because I update that before I post individual logs. Since we last posted here, Sandra was visited by the Band Manager and married a Simasimatchi by mistake. Sara left for TamaTown when Sean married another Yonepatchi on The Dating show, and now has two sons and a daughter. If anyone has name ideas, comment on my Blogagotchi or just PM me. Right now, the Tamas are on the Travel Show with their parents. They'll type their journals soon!
  16. Your Tama cannot be too old for the Matchmaker. If you wait 72 hours, it will probably work.
  17. LOG: Posting time, everyone! Sean & Sara: YAY! You both sound like Tama Toddlers. Sean & Sara: HEY! Family: Easygoing Stage: Tama Adult Sean (eldest)- Nemutchi Sara (youngest)- Yonepatchi Bonding: 80% Gotchi Point: 780 GP Generation: 9G SEAN'S DIARY JOURNAL!!: Finally I fixed that title! I'm so excited today because We're almost old enough for me to go on the Dating Show! PonytchiLuv: Don't rub it in in front of your sister! Sara: I don't care. PonytchiLuv: OK... Sara: Honestly. I told you, PonytchiLuv! PonytchiLuv: No you didn't! Well, fine. Guess what! I noticed a typo in Sara's last journal. Sara: Diary. PonytchiLuv: *huffs* What was it? She was talking about Sandra the Music Star Mimitchi, but she said "Miitchi." Sara: Oops! Guess what else? PonytchiLuv has a Blogagotchi! PonytchiLuv: It's true. There's a link in my signature. She made it so all of her Tamas can talk together! Isn't that exciting! it's like connecting, but cooler! And you get to eavesdrop! Eavesdropping is fun. PonytchiLuv: It isn't really eavesdropping. You're talking to them. Even if you don't like eavesdropping, come and read it! We'll still post here, though. SARA'S DIARY: I don't want to talk. PonytchiLuv: Well, you have to. No I don't. It's bad enough that you're going to make me talk to Sandra on the blog. PonytchiLuv: At least say something! Something. PonytchiLuv: *sighs*
  18. LOG: I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday! Sean: *gasps* You FORGOT!? Sara: So did WE! Luckily, Sean evolved into a Nemutchi, and Sara into a Yonepatchi. They also have a higher bonding percentage, so they're nice to each other now. Sort of. Their friendliness creeps me out sometimes. Sara: What are you- Sean: talking about? Sean and Sara: We don't get it. AHHH!!! Tama nice-zombies! Sean: Not really. We were doing that on purpose. Oh. Family: Easygoing Stage: Tama Adult Sean (eldest)- Nemutchi Sara (youngest)- Yonepatchi Bonding: 60% Gotchi Point: 780 GP Generation: 9G SEAN'S DIARY: I'm not even going to try to change that anymore. But just to let you know, I'm writing a JOURNAL! Diaries are for Tama-girls. So how are all of you out there in Earth today? What? Oh yeah, I forgot that you can't hear me. Anyways, I think that Sara is going on the Dating Show when we're old enough. *sigh* it would have been nice to be a cool character. Sara: A Nemutchi isn't bad. But it isn't good either. I can't become any special character or family! PonytchiLuv: I still haven't decided who I'll send yet. I think you have. My journal entries are always really short. Well, that makes them better because no one wants to read really long log posts. SARA'S DIARY: I totally agree with Sean. I think that PonytchiLuv is going to send me to the Dating Show. PonytchiLuv: Well... I wanted to originally. Sean: See? I don't want to. Sean: What? PonytchiLuv: WHAT? I thought- No. You can't make me. PonytchiLuv: But- I'm not going. I'm moving to TamaTown. Sean: Thanks, sis! *hugs* PonytchiLuv: *gives Sara funny look* If you change your mind, tell me. I won't. *PonytchiLuv and Sean leave* I'm absolutely serious. After two days of thought, I've come to the conclusion that I will not marry. My heart is broken, and I can never love again. And I don't want to become a sour Tama Mother who is mean to her kids. So, I won't. Peter will never be mine. I still love him, but I've only met the Eyiuutchi once. I can't connect with him, so it wouldn't have worked anyway. I don't want to type in this diary anymore! I don't like talking to the Tamas who read but never PM me! Why don't I have any friends? Even my penpal, Bella, is married. And she's a Music star, like Sandra. I don't like Sandra the Miitchi most of all. PonytchiLuv: What's wrong? What are you talking about, Sara?
  19. On the Music Star, Kuribotchi is only a male character. Strange... It must be the batteries, like you said.
  20. I was looking through Tamagotchi V4 cheats online, and one entry said something about your female character can marry the Gotchi King under certain conditions. Is this true? I have no idea. This is just a question! I don't really believe it, but who knows.
  21. LOG: Hello T- Sean: INTERRUPT! -amaTa- Sean: INTERRUPT! -lk! Time for- Sean: INTERRUPT! Stop interrupting! Sean: But you said we could! Well, now I UN-said you could. Write what you want in your diary. Sean: Oh. (It's a JOURNAL!) Now It's time for a Short Family stat check: Family: Easygoing Stage: Tama Teen Sean (eldest)- Korokotchi Sara (youngest)- Shelltchi Bonding: 40% Gotchi Point: 610 GP Generation: 9G In all, not much has changed. But Sean and Sara insist on writing in here as much as they can. SEAN'S DIARY:JOURNAL!!!!!! I keep telling Pony that it's not a diary, but she doesn't listen to me. She only listens to Sara: The youngest one, the favorite one. PonytchiLuv: NOT true! Yeah, it is. And you can stop interrupting, too. On a lighter note, I sent a PM to Tamatama01's Tama, Jay. He's so cool. Everyone should read (his part of) their log. Oddly, I don't have anything else to say. I just wanted to say something. SOMETHING! Ha. SARA'S DIARY: OK... that diary from Sean- Sean: JOURNAL! That journal from Sean was random. I think you'd rather hear my side of the story. I am anxiously awaiting for my evolution to a Yonepatchi, but I don't know why because it's pointless. My Love Peter and that Sandra Tama have been all over the celebrity magazines. When the Nazotchi mailman brought my copy of "The Daily Tamascooptchi," I broke down and cried. And to make matters worse, she is a Mimitchi now! Not even a Yonepatchi can compete with that. Why do I even care about him? I've only met Peter the Eiyuutchi once, and I can't connect to ever marry him anyways. So even if he loved me (which he definitely doesn't) I would be in for heartbreak. In a few days, the "cutest celebrity couple of the generation" will be starting a family together, and I'll get some ugly V5 on the Dating Show. *sob* I can't write anymore. *sob* I'll... *sob* type later... *sob* PonytchiLuv: Are you OK, Sara? *Sara runs from room*
  22. (MORE) SARA'S DIARY: Hello everyone! I had some spare time so I snuck in here before Sean or PonytchiLuv notice so I can finish my story from yesterday. So, I waited for the Paparatchis to clear up, and pushed my way through the adoring crowd to find Peter. I had to talk to him. This would probably be the only chance I got. "What is a V5 doing over here?" one of the Scooptchis asked. "This is for press only." "I'm one of PonytchiLuv's Tamas," I informed her. "Peter is my- my friend." Immediately some of the cameras turned and started clicking pictures of me and firing questions at me. "How does it feel to know a new superstar?" "Are you jealous of your friend?" "What does PonytchiLuv think about Peter?" "Who is Peter's favorite sibling?" "Do you have feelings for him?" "What was Peter like as a Tama Toddler?" I didn't answer any of them. Now a path had cleared enough so I could get right up next to Peter. "Are you part of the Short Family?" the dazzling Eiyuutchi asked me as I reached the winner's platform. I looked up and smiled at him. "I'm Sara." "PonytchiLuv must have sent you over here," Peter said. "I'm glad you came to visit before the ship leaves port for the night. I'm so excited! Soon I'll get to travel all over Tama Planet." He stepped down from the platform and took my hand. "Now let's get out of all of these Paparatchis." I followed Peter out of the press group, all busily writing and not paying any attention t the two of us slipping away. What time was it? I checked my watch nervously. If I didn't get off the cruise ship in time, I'd be in so much trouble! "We've still got time," Peter said with a wink. I almost fainted. I was so close to the Eiyuutchi, I was surprised that I hadn't already. He took me to the deck of the ship, and we sat on some beach chairs near the edge and casually talked together. We enjoyed the lovely sunset of Tama Planet. All of a sudden, I heard the snapping of cameras and frantic voices. "It's the Paparatchis!" exclaimed Peter. "What do they want now?" But as I turned around, we saw that it wasn't us that the Paparatchis wanted to bother. PonytchiLuv, followed by Sean, was answering the questions. The cameras were all aimed at a strange Chamametchi, though. As she walked by, the celebrities whispered excitedly, "A Music Star! A Music Star!" That explained the Paparatchis. But I soon found out that that wasn't all. "Sandra!" Peter stood and kissed the hand of the blushing Chamametchi. The clicking and clacking of the cameras became louder. "Who's that?" I asked PonytchiLuv, now that the Paparatchis and Scooptchis weren't asking questions. "That's Sandra, my Music Star," she explained. "Sandra and Peter are to be married when she is old enough." My heart shattered. Why hadn't PonytchiLuv told me about her plan before? The marriage must have been arranged when they were Tama Toddlers. Before I could say anything to PonytchiLuv or say goodbye to Peter, she dragged Sean and I away and off the boat. My eyes were stinging as I watched the golden paradise float away on the horizon. PonytchiLuv: *calling from other room* Sandra! Oh, I've got to go now. I'll talk to everyone soon!
  23. LOG: The Short Family and I are back to post again today! Sean: *cough cough* Finally! *cough cough* Sara: Really, Sean, you don't have to be so rude! Just because you're the ugly one now doesn't mean that you have to be rude! Sean: I am not the ugly one! Anyways I just got fan mail the other day. Sara: Well, I have a penpal! Sean: I could get one if I wanted to. Sara: I'd like to see YOU try! Sean: FINE! Bring it ON! FANMAIL TO SEAN! PonytchiLuv: Calm down, you two! Sean, how about you show TT your fan mail that you got from Tama Hockey #87? Sean: I'd be glad to! Sean: There. HA! You see? Sara: Yes, we see. Sean: Mwahhahahahahahaha! PonytchiLuv: OK, enough with the evil laughs, Sean. Sean: Can I journal yet? PonytchiLuv: No. LOG AGAIN!! Sean: Is this just to bug me? PonytchiLuv: No. Sara: Yes! Sean: What? PonytchiLuv: No! I just need to post your stats. Sean: Oh. Sara: Darn! *snaps fingers in disappointment* Family: Easygoing Stage: Tama Teen Sean (eldest)- Korokotchi Sara (youngest)- Shelltchi Bonding: 30% Gotchi Point: 610 GP Generation: 9G We've gotten a few items on TV shopping, so they don't have as many Gotchi Points as they used to. Yesterday I took them to the Tama and Earth Expo online, though. Sara: It was great! SEAN'S DIARY: (It's a JOURNAL!!) Now, I can talk. PonytchiLuv has kept us on the Travel Show for a little bit, so I'm still a Tama Teen. Sara: At least I'm a Shelltchi. PonytchiLuv: Sean gave you (some) privacy last time. Let him type in peace! You'll have a turn soon. Sara: Aww... PonytchiLuv: I'll let you interrupt my log. Sara: Really! *runs away* Sean: YAY! PonytchiLuv: *thinks* That worked. They'll interrupt anyways. Back to me. I hope I don't have to write a shortened version again. Anywho, I don't like Yonepatchis anymore. It doesn't really matter now. PonytchiLuv said that I can't be a Kuchipatchi anymore! She wants Sara to be a Yonepatchi or Potetchi or whatever. And that is why I don't like Yonepatchis. I have nothing else to write really. Except that going online was fun. Now I'm done. *sings* I get to interrupt the loooooooooooog I get to interrupt the loooooooooooooog! I guess NOW I'm done! SARA'S DIARY: Since THAT's over with, I can vent my feelings. Sean: OOOHHHH FEELINGS?! PonytchiLuv: Sean Michael Kuchi! In your room now! Sara: His middle name is Michael? PonytchiLuv: No, I made it up! Oh, OK. I wonder what it would be like to have two annoying brothers, like most Tamas. *shudders* Let's shake away that thought. Sean is gone (hey that ryhmes!) and I can show you part of the new PM that I got from (read their log---->) Tamatama01's Bella. Jay interrupts her all the time though, and this is what they said: That is just one small portion of the conversation. I hope Sean doesn't find out. Sean: *peeks in* A PENPAL? SWEET! *sings* Bella smellas and Sara saharah has lots of hair-a! Sara: Too late. PonytchiLuv: GRRRRR! Sean: *squeals and runs* Haha! PonytchiLuv rocks! *they high-five* I'm going to talk about my feelings again. My feelings of anger and annoyance of my brother hovering over me are gone, but one emotion is still there. Love. Yes, I still like Peter. Peter Peter Peter! Peter the dreamy Eiyuutchi! Last evening while at Tama & Earth Expo, PonytchiLuv each let us visit one territory that we wanted to see. Sean picked the theme park (of course), but I had a hard time deciding. Well, I had a hard time until I saw... the Celebrity Cruise Ship. The big golden glory of the sea! I had to go and see it for myself! "Good choice," PonytchiLuv said when I told her that I wanted to get on the boat. "We'd better hurry, though, because it leaves in a half an hour. Collin, Peter, and Annie are on board right now, getting ready for the nightly cruise." "Really?" I asked, trying not to be so excited. The golden glory became a golden paradise! I ran as fast as I could to the dock. The ship was even more beautiful up close. I felt so happy knowing that I got closer and closer to Peter. Tama Teens and Tama adults aren't as strange together as Tama Toddlers and Tama Teens. Sometimes Tamas can marry as teens to an adult. I thought of this possibility as I walked on board. I wandered around the ship, looking for one celebrity in particular. The cruise ship was packed with other tourists like me who had to get off before the ship left port. "Let's watch the go-kart race!" Sean insisted. I didn't want to go, but PonytchiLuv made me. I sat and looked at the contestents at the starting line, and saw none other but Peter getting into a kart. Suddenly I was excited for the game. as Peter started up his engine, I cheered like a maniac. He started out ahead, but passed the princess and came in first right before the finish line! Everyone went wild and cheered for the winner, my Peter. Now I could talk to him for the first time when the Paparatchis and Scooptchis stopped snapping pictures of the new superstar. PonytchiLuv: Sara! Time's up! Sara: But I'm not done! PonytchiLuv: We'll make a new post later. Sara: All right. I'll tell you more later! And keep sending mail! Sean: Yeah!
  24. LOG: For now I'm just posting Sara and Sean stats. The dairies will come soon. Sara: Why can't we post now? I don't have time now. Sean: Awww... Well, here are the Short Family's stats: Family: Easygoing Stage: Tama Teen Sean (eldest)- Korokotchi Sara (youngest)- Shelltchi Bonding: 20% Gotchi Point: 1240 GP Generation: 9G FANMAIL TO SARA! Sara: YES! I got mail before you Sean. Sean: I don't believe you. PonytchiLuv: Well, let's read it now. Sara: Oh look! It's from Tamatama01. PonytchiLuv: Tamatama01 has a log on here I think. Sean: Why does she have a penpal and I don't? Sara: Because you're cranky! Sara: Cool! PonytchiLuv: Bella and Jay sound like you two! Sean: Humph! Sara: I'm going to go reply! Finally some fanmail! PonytchiLuv: I'm surprised. It's only been two posts so far, and Sara got mail. Sean. Humph.