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    I love surfing the net and playing on my tamagotchis. I also love gardening, reading, writing, arting and grapes.<br>My best ever hobby is playing with my cats, they have such silly faces!

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  1. I don't understand a word of that apart from oculus magica. Oculus magica means weary eye, what has that got to do with turning into a fried tomatoe?
  2. 7/10, the characters are cute but I can't read and I'm not sure about the text above.
  3. Scruffy, denim work clothes (I work at a hairdressers) and blue crocs.
  4. No, but I have emotional times and I respect the people who are.
  5. Chianna Pheobe. My last name has something to do with tea tree. Pheobe means moon.
  6. 6/10, blank with no colour. The message is good though.
  7. Not sure, chinese perhaps. Trees VS Nature This is for my painting which will have chinese scenery and flowers/trees.
  8. I have around 60-80 because of the ones my brother sent through the post.
  9. Mimetchi, the ears are nice and big. Chinese background VS butterfly background EDIT: This is for one of my paintings.
  10. 8/10, needs more colour. The poem is beautiful.
  11. 4/10 Dōzotchi Dōzo means please in an offer type way in japanese.
  12. Carry on my normal life, I'm out of school. What if I died?