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    I love surfing the net and playing on my tamagotchis. I also love gardening, reading, writing, arting and grapes.<br>My best ever hobby is playing with my cats, they have such silly faces!

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  1. ChiannaPanda

    Egg Hatching Room!

    50 randon 30 unrandom
  2. ChiannaPanda


    I don't understand a word of that apart from oculus magica. Oculus magica means weary eye, what has that got to do with turning into a fried tomatoe?
  3. ChiannaPanda

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    7/10, the characters are cute but I can't read and I'm not sure about the text above.
  4. ChiannaPanda

    What Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Scruffy, denim work clothes (I work at a hairdressers) and blue crocs.
  5. ChiannaPanda

    Are u emo?

    No, but I have emotional times and I respect the people who are.
  6. ChiannaPanda

    what's your name

    Chianna Pheobe. My last name has something to do with tea tree. Pheobe means moon.
  7. ChiannaPanda

    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    6/10, blank with no colour. The message is good though.
  8. ChiannaPanda


    Not sure, chinese perhaps. Trees VS Nature This is for my painting which will have chinese scenery and flowers/trees.
  9. ChiannaPanda

    tama eddiction test

    I have around 60-80 because of the ones my brother sent through the post.
  10. ChiannaPanda


    Mimetchi, the ears are nice and big. Chinese background VS butterfly background EDIT: This is for one of my paintings.
  11. ChiannaPanda

    Rate the Siggy above you!

    You mean 5/10? 7/10, to pale.
  12. ChiannaPanda

    Rate the Siggy above you!

    8/10, needs more colour. The poem is beautiful.
  13. ChiannaPanda

    nickname game

    4/10 Dōzotchi Dōzo means please in an offer type way in japanese.
  14. ChiannaPanda

    Come here.... love like or hate?

    Hate. Eragon/Eldest
  15. ChiannaPanda

    "Let's Just Say..."

    Carry on my normal life, I'm out of school. What if I died?