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    Hey everyone!! Well I'll start with my name. My name is Sharon Adriana Perez. But my real close friends call me Sharry. (My cousins call me Ady.) I go to Naches Valley Middle School(NVMS). My B-day is 5/2/98. So that makes me 12 years old. Did I just say OLD!!? I meant YOUNG. ROFL. My favorite colors are pink,blue, orange, and purple (sometimes green). I am Christian and Jesus is everything to me. I have 1 older step-brother and three very goofy younger brothers but they're MY goofy little brothers. I love all of them. I love my family and ALLLL my friends. I have three besties they are Samantha, Maria and Giselle. But of course I have more friends than just them. LOL If you mess with ANY of my friends I'm gonna hunt you down to the end of the world and beat you,Comprendo?? Anyways yes I'm single so yeah. If you want to know anything else about me send me a PM. TE AMO!! <3

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  1. TPAM has a very inspirational siggy!!
  2. You're right. #2 was a lie! I don' have a sister @sarah8 # 2 is a lie? 1. I am currently very depressed.... 2. I am going to camp this summer!! 3. It is 9:05 PM where I live right now.
  3. *clasified* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was my facebook status but I don't want to post it on here. hahaha my facebook status LOL
  4. Sometimes. But usually I am!! Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time??
  5. #3 is a lie 1) I am currently very tired/sore 2) My sister is beautiful 3) I like doggies
  6. yes HYE ran around in circles for no reason??
  7. ^ Umm....that's kinda impossible also. You can't follow rules # 3 and 4 if you want to follow #2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hahahaha!! I didn't know that was on my copy and paste!! I wasn't having much luck with the colors!! LOL
  8. I am very tired. I just saw my glow stick that I got at skateland glowing!!! isn't that amazing??? o.O
  9. Jeans Shirt Socks Shoes Undies Necklace sorry I'm just very tired right now
  10. ^ Umm....that's kinda impossible also. You can't follow rules # 3 and 4 if you want to follow #2