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  1. Hey all, I guess most of you are gutted by TamaTown being taken down, I am too. I played it a lot when younger and I had a look today and saw it was down. However, there is an organisation at whos mission is to archive the internet. They have archived TamaTown V4 and I will be searching fo other versions as well and I will update this post in due course. For now: TamaTown V4 (I haven't had a chance to test the login as I don't have a V4 at the moment) enjoy, and let me know of any problems
  2. Use this site ... it works then choose one of the languages, then choose which version (3,4,5,6) and it will work Hope i helped!
  3. Cheers ... how can you tell?
  4. Saw this on Ebay ... looks like a V2 but says it's a V1 ... can anybody tell me what it is?
  5. hey there if you want ure old charescters back go 2 ure items and use the magnifing glass if u dont av it look at this chart, it has all the items and their passwords: *binary: fixed link*
  6. i do mean the v4 cos there are 3 familys the kuchi family, the meme family, and the mame family and the universal family but thx 4 the V5 help aswell
  7. Hi i av got some things i wld like 2 no. 1.On V4 how do u get kuchi family u stay the same family or do u change with every generation u like cheese thanks for lookin
  8. The sandwich has lettuce, cucumber, turkey, mayonnaise, chips, ham, fish, mustard, cheese, tomatoes, bread, ketchup, more mustard, baloney, sauce, a meat patty, eggplant, roast beef, butter, bread, Worcestershire Sauce, more ketchup, garlic, some blueberry jam, chicken, liquid sorrow, corn, honey, more lettuce, peanut butter, Nutella, peas, barbecue sauce, grapes, apples, mandarin orange slices, some decorative leaves, raspberries, a worm, Pumpkin Spread, royal ludroth's enemies, refried beans, a flag on the top, more ham, shredded coconut, human flesh, a peanut, a cat named Mike, and a witty joke, also chicken, fish, what pumpkin???, this pumpkin 8D, Lord Frederick von Hasslehoff, the awesome face, two 413 pound bags of candycorn, a 412 pound bag of candycorn, a carapace that ate the 412 pound bag of candycorn because it did not have 413 pounds of candy corn, which is still there, magically, cream pie, my eye which keeps unhelpfully falling out, a live pig, a slice of pizza, gingivitis, STRONG, cheerios, Spades Slick and a sombrero.
  9. I am turned on. You press the banana button.
  10. Hi my name is Robbie. I live in Rwanda. I sell Rabbits
  11. yes thats annoying HYE been in truble with the pigs? (4 those who dont no pigs r police)
  12. a new phone