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  1. I am pretty sure if you marry anything to sunnytchi it will be a space family, but i am not sure
  2. its not a fake has Bandai on the back, prob. the sun thing
  3. Name: Natalie Country: USA Comments: Love how it was
  4. So I bought my v5 and when i went over to my friends house we tried to connect, it took us like 15 min. and we finally connected. The next day we tried to connect and my tama would fail and make weird noises. I know how to connect and I know nothing was wrong with my friend's tama. (we were connecting hers and her sister's tama also) I got mine at Toys R US, What could be wrong??
  5. if my v5 turned into adults yesterday, can i sometime today make it go to the dating show???
  6. what are the pencils under the bonds?
  7. if i have a Sukatchi and marry it to a Violetchi, will it be a violet family??? or do i have to have raised a Violetchi?
  8. 2. 24 hr. after it turns into an adult 3. it means you overfed them, not good.
  9. I have heard of pets being on v5 is this a lie or true, if true how do you get them??