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  1. Honestly people you souldnt be worried if they want to be stupid and waiste $15 then wahtever
  2. I already knew it but thank for posting to new owners
  3. It is possible to debug a v4 and a v4.5 Make sure you have a small screw driver and a pencil with a good eraser Step 1 open up your tamagotchi v4 or v4.5 (try not to strip the screws ) Step 2 Take out your battery Step 3 take your pencil and rub your semi-circle 5 time (in the middle) (use the pencil tip not eraser) Step 4 Hold the Battery in the slot (do not screw the toys half on to hold the battery in place yet) Step 5 Select reset and enter this date 2/4 on time set it to 2:04 and finaly set the birthday to 3/5 Step 6 Your tamagotchis egg will hatch immediatly when you see it jump out of its egg press the a button to select your tamagotchi Step 7 Remove your battery from the slot again ( unless you want your tama to move at hyper speed:rolleyes: ) Step 8 takeyour erasor and rub the semi-circle and blow on it . Step 9 press the reset button and select doen load and enjoy your debugged tamagotchi How you know you did it right : after sliding your pencil across the semi-cicle and you put the battery back in you should see the egg moving at hyper spee before you press the a button