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  1. Here is a Care/Growth Chart. Note that care is measured, taking in account of friendship hearts, happy hearts, and hungry hearts. CLICK HERE



    Sorry in advance for not being on topic BUT I'd just like to say this chart that has been edited is a product of "chart theft" as I am the sole creator of this specific Tama-Go Character Chart which can be accessed here. I do not appreciate it because a lot of time and hard work was put into creating this chart. Please have respect for others' work.


    ~shawdy~ :furawatchi:

  2. Well there's lots of V6 information scattered across the forums.


    You can find growth / character charts in the Reference Section, as well as the original English instruction manual.


    Here's a note about setting the date.


    This link has some growth information.


    Here is a list of the Concert Times.


    This is a just a few links you should find useful. Using the search engine (top right hand corner of the page) on the website and typing in "music star" can help you find other information available here at TamaTalk.


    You can also check out the Tama V6 page on my website.


    Hope you find this useful and I hope you make use of the search feature ;)


    ~shawdy~ :furawatchi:

  3. Like Fida said, the Gotchi figures that are sold seperately are called "full" figures. They do contain 2 games, a shop that has 9 items in total (different on each figure). The items you purchase using a gotchi figure is only available when the figure is attached. There's also a certain item that you receive on TamaTown when you log on with that specific figure attached to your TMGO.


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  4. So the date place is slightly different on the TMGO. Usually you only have 3 tries per day and can no longer access it until the next day. On the TMGO, you get 3 potential mates per day, then one of the oldie characters of the opposite gender will offer his/her self to your tama, instead of not being able to access the date place. I think this is a way of saying "You're too picky, now choose me or go away!" Lol. If you try again tomorrow you'll have 3 potential mates waiting for you. :)


    ~shawdy~ :furawatchi:

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  5. The shop that is built in on the Tama-Go sells food or wallpapers. The shops on the 'full' gotchi figures aka the ones you purchase separately have shops with either toys or restaurants whose food is eaten on purchase. In order to acces items purchased on the figures u have to insert them.


    ~shawdy~ :)

  6. Honestly, I've owned and played with all the different English version Tama's except the V6 and I really like the Tama-Go a lot. It's a bit different in the way that there are the Gotchi figures that you need to buy to make game play more interesting. They aren't very expensive so I don't mind investing the money in the different ones from time to time. I must say, it's the first tama where it's possible to potty train your characters so this is indeed a plus. The features are really cool and it's easy to play with.


    On the down side, it is a bit bulky...but you get used to it. I do think Bandai could have made it a bit slimmer but I'm not one to complain. lol The batteries it uses are AAA and I used brand new Duracell ones in my TMGO and it lasted about a month if I'm not mistaken. So it's great.


    I do recommend you get one. But at the end of the day, it's all up to you :mametchi: .You can take a look at my Tama-Go log (link in my signature) as well as binary's Tama-Go log. They are both very informative and include lots of pictures. Maybe that might give you more of an idea if you should get one :( .


    ~shawdy~ :)

  7. The only time I've ever seen 3 tamas in one Tama-Go toy is when my character got married via Date Place (2 tamas on one screen) and later on mated (2 adults + one baby). Other than that, I don't think there is any way to get 3 characters in one Tama-Go toy.


    It's only possible to raise 3 characters in one toy with the V5 Family and V5 Celebrity (aka V5.5).


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  8. After awhile of not playing with the tamagotchi, the backround just turns blank so you cannot see the living room but you can see the tamagotchi bouncing around. Once you press a button again the backround goes back to normal. :(

    Yep, that's the 'power saving feature' on the Tama-Go. :mellow:


    ~shawdy~ :furawatchi:

  9. I've looked at the demo site and it's really different than what I'm accustomed to on TT, but it looks really great and has some nice features :( . I do hope the original look of TT is not removed THAT much, however, if it is we all will just have to get used to it! :P The demo looks very nice anyway. As for donations, I'll add some money to my paypal and send it over as soon as I deposit my check. :mellow:


    ~shawdy~ :furawatchi:

  10. I've never had my character turn into an oldie so I'm not very sure about this. But with the Date Place feature, if you take your character to it more than 3 times per day, you will be given the option to marry an oldie of the opposite gender until the next day. With this being the case, I do believe that if it turns into an Oldie, you will have the Date Place option available.


    THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. Just MY reasoning.


    ~shawdy~ :angry: