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  2. *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  3. The only time I've ever seen 3 tamas in one Tama-Go toy is when my character got married via Date Place (2 tamas on one screen) and later on mated (2 adults + one baby). Other than that, I don't think there is any way to get 3 characters in one Tama-Go toy. It's only possible to raise 3 characters in one toy with the V5 Family and V5 Celebrity (aka V5.5). ~shawdy~
  4. I just read something about this in binary's log. Here, I'll link you to the post. Just scroll to the end of that post and binary has a list of how many connections he did until his 2 Tama-Go characters mated. Hope this helps. ~shawdy~
  5. Yep, that's the 'power saving feature' on the Tama-Go. ~shawdy~
  6. I've looked at the demo site and it's really different than what I'm accustomed to on TT, but it looks really great and has some nice features . I do hope the original look of TT is not removed THAT much, however, if it is we all will just have to get used to it! The demo looks very nice anyway. As for donations, I'll add some money to my paypal and send it over as soon as I deposit my check. ~shawdy~
  7. I've never had my character turn into an oldie so I'm not very sure about this. But with the Date Place feature, if you take your character to it more than 3 times per day, you will be given the option to marry an oldie of the opposite gender until the next day. With this being the case, I do believe that if it turns into an Oldie, you will have the Date Place option available. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED. Just MY reasoning. ~shawdy~
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  9. *Closed* Please check the date before you attempt to post in topics older than 3 months.
  10. I came across your topic earlier today and I thought about giving it a try. I tried my Violetchi #130 Gotchi Figure and it counted as a new gotchi figure and it unlocked the game 'Coin Catch'. I left about 1mm space between the Gotchi Figure and the tmgo. This didn't affect anything on TamaTown however. ~shawdy~
  11. I'm busy with some charts for the Tama-Go as well, and I also noticed the same thing with my Mametchi. His favorite food is Omelette. Check it out here in my Tama-Go Log. It's in the first post that shows up. (August 8) I have to update but I'm a bit lazy. Just thought I'd share that bit of info with you. ~shawdy~
  12. How come the food list for the Kuchipatchi figure has 11 meals? I thought all character figures come with 9 shop / restaurant items. ~shawdy~
  13. You may also wonder when the new generation will start. When they do have a baby, the parents stay with it for 2 days. On the third morning your new generation will begin. ~shawdy~
  14. Well I have two right now. I have an empty q-tip box that I store them in. Eventually I'll need something bigger so I'll probably get a bigger container. A big tupper-wear container or a Lunch Kit should be do a fine job. Like you, I don't think I'll be buying the carry case, but I'm not sure as yet. ~shawdy~
  15. *Topic Closed* - Bumped - Quoting memtchi <3 "we have a lot of 'Naming & Shaming' violations. I would like to point out a few things. 1. It could be possible that the person is just a fan. 2. It could be a harmless coincidence. 3. When choosing a user ID for Music City, some people choose letters and numbers that probably means something to them, or it's just random. Eg: My MC account is BF0305 -BF are initials of my nickname, 0305 - month and day I was born. You guys have to realize that people join Music City everyday from almost ALL over the world. I'm not saying that people don't try to copy you, but that's not ALWAYS the reason. So give people a little slack, unless you know for sure that they're up to something. ~shawdy~
  16. I like Forest Falls! But I do think the games are a bit too similar. They are fun however! ~shawdy~
  17. *Topic Closed* There is a topic like this that has been going on for quite some time now. Please post your opinion / thoughts there. HERE is the link.
  18. The skill points accumulated from playing "Climb" and "Tug-O-War" are RANDOM. The skill points accumulated from playing 'Apple' are for the 'Funny' skill. Skill points obtained from playing 'Shapes' are for the 'Gorgeous' skill. Lastly, skill points obtained from playing 'Manhole' are for the 'Spiritual' skill. So if you wanted a specific character then all you have to do is mostly play the game that gives you that specific skill point. ~shawdy~
  19. I'd just like to clear something up real quick. The Tama-Go merchandise that's being sold on right now are NOT directly from Amazon NOR Target. They are being sold by the seller BEGUM9 (which is like a seller on e-bay). It seems like the more people that buy them before the Tama-Go is officially released, the higher this seller keeps raising the prices. Today I went on and saw that the Figures for about $14 . Now they are all back at $8.99 The regular price for the Tama-Go is $19.99, the Gotchi Figure is $6.99 and the Carry Case is $14.99 In my opinion, the prices that the Tama-Go and Carry Case are listed for is RIDICULOUS! The buyer knows that many people are very anxious to get these new Tamagotchis and would really pay to get them. But these prices are over doing it! It's the height of ridiculousness. I ordered 2 figures because I thought, hey that's reasonable ; I don't mind paying the $2 extra . But the other items are like double / triple the regular price. It's outrageous. ~shawdy~
  20. When you are redirected to the new TamaTown Blog website, scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a tab that says "OPEN". When you click that, you will be viewing the links to TamaTown for the different versions. Just click the one for V4. ~shawdy~
  21. How about baby oil? Other than that, I can't think of anything else other than ask someone who might be stronger to try loosen it up. ~shawdy~
  22. Maybe you can use something like WD-40 (or an oily substance) to get the screw a little oily so it twists out easier. Just a touch of the WD-40 spray should be used, you don't want to drown it. ~shawdy~
  23. THIS topic in the Tamagotchi FAQ should help you out with obtaining a pure family. ~shawdy~
  24. If you also try to go to TamaTown using you'll be redirected to the blog site! ~shawdy~