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  1. As far as I know, the ROM test can be done on any of the Tamagotchi Connection versions. It's done to make sure that the Tamagotchi is working properly. ~shawdy~
  2. *Topics Merged* So I merged your two 'clay tamagotchi' topics together because they contain basically the same content with new photos. Please avoid making new forum topics about the same content. I also edited the first post and copied the links to all the photos of your clay tamas into it. It will be easier for members to find / view. ~shawdy~ P.S. - I like them, they are very cute! You have some great talent on you Keep it up
  3. I do believe ChaMametchi comes from probably Perfect care on the V6, seeing that ChaMametchi is a member of the Mame Family (speaking in general), which consists of characters that come from perfect care. The characters evolve into good care / bad care characters depending on how well you take care of them in a specific stage of it's life. This is just my opinion / theory though. ~shawdy~
  4. Well I couldn't find any V4.5 charts on TT, so here are some I made on my website. Here is a V4.5 Character Chart Here is a V4.5 Growth Chart Matchmaker comes at age 6. ~shawdy~
  5. I added the link to the chart (unfinished of course) to the first post of the topic! ~shawdy~
  6. The picture of the faceplate is actually much bigger than the entire Tama-Go! However, it is probably possible. I just saved it to my computer and used 'Microsoft Office Picture Manager' to resize it, putting my original faceplate up against the screen. It won't be the same though, because the paper used to make the faceplate isn't the same texture as regular printer paper. ~shawdy~
  7. Sorry, I don't know. The Quick Start Guide doesn't mention it, and I'm not enthusiastic about the idea of trying it - just in case there is no Download feature. I finally got my Tama-Go (for review as well) today, and remembering this question being asked, right after it hatched I tested it out. The answer is yes, there is a download feature! ~shawdy~
  8. *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'*
  9. *Topic Closed by request of topic starter*
  10. You'll have to start purchasing food from the shop in order to fill all four hearts. The milk or "baby food" will only go half-way as you've discovered. If you don't have points, you'll have to wait until the Gotchi King brings some for you. When you go to further generations, you'll get points from your parent tamagotchi. When your tama turns into an adult, you'll have to work for your gotchi points; you can also get points from your band manager when you practice with your band. When you connect with other V6s you also get points. ~shawdy~
  11. Maybe it will start aging on the next generation I'm not a V6 that's just a guess. ~shawdy~
  12. I have made a chart with all the information I received. I'll post it as soon as I get a chance! ~shawdy~
  13. The Tama-Go costs USD $19.99 , each additional figure costs USD $6.99 . As far as I know, Bandai didn't give a release date, although few were available on and a few days ago. ~shawdy~
  14. Aww that congrats with mametchi picture is so cute! Thanks Everyone!!! =) ~shawdy~
  15. *Topic Closed* - topic that contains similar content already exists as stated by memetchi <3
  16. I think this link would be pretty useful for you. The same applies basically for the V4.5 ~shawdy~
  17. I agree with OldSchoolTama! I think you making a log of the Morino would be sort of "unique" amongst the other tama logs that are kept here. It would also come in handy for future Morino owners when they browse for morino info. ~shawdy~
  18. Here are a few comparisons that binary made. THIS is also from binary's Tama-Go log. These are just the changeable faceplates. I think the tamago would be about 1 or 2cm wider. Not sure about all around measurements. Also, a few posts down HERE, you'll find comparison to the Music Star and a DS game cartridge Hope this helps you somewhat. ~shawdy~
  19. *Topic Closed* -refer to above post for explanation