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  1. When you go to another generation your tama will loose all points and keep all items as well as 1/4 of the parent's skill points. When it turns into a teen(I think) (depending on if you have the earlier batch / later batch) it will inherit half or none of the parent's gotchi points. (anyone, correct me if I'm wrong) When I say earlier / later batch I mean the first set that was made by BANDAI and the later set that was made by BANDAI. ~shawdy~
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  3. *Topic Closed* You posted a similar question to this already and people did respond. Have a look at the topic here.
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  6. When you pause your tamagotchi, the time still goes on but the growth of your character is stopped until you un-pause it. This does indeed slow down the growth / evolution of your character. I'd recommend putting it to sleep it (eg: set the time to 10PM); that way it still grows. ~shawdy~
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  8. I noticed some of these I think it's cool that Bandai added those extra effects. It would be neat if it actually turned night time (dark) when the time came. ~shawdy~
  9. BANDAI donated a few Tama-Go!s to Admin and some Guides because of the wonderful continuous support of the Tamagotchi brand. It's not something they do everyday. BANDAI might probably have tmgo give-aways (contests) in the future (NOT GUARANTEED). ~shawdy~
  10. That's because when you reset and download, the Tamagotchi restores memory from some hours before, it doesn't restore the memory to the exact moment that you reset it. It also looses items / food you may have bought in the shop when you download. Also, I think you should do a general reading about the V4 as well (seeing that there's a lot more info on it) because the V4.5 is ridiculously similar to it. Members have already supplied you with some of the basics. Just do more research on here . ~shawdy~
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  12. V4.5 has 15 jobs, 3 of which are new. Funny Jobs (smiley icon) - Circus, Kindergarten, Rockstar, TV News, Travel Guide Gorgeous (star icon) - Dancer, Florist, Bank, Hairdresser, Restaurant Spiritual (fist icon) - Weightlifter, Bakery, Firefighter, Hospital, Teacher Both links that OldSchoolTama provided are great help. ~shawdy~
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  14. It can be played without the figurines. The Tama-Go does come with a figurine in the box though. I think that the price of the figurines is fair enough because it contains 2 games to play on the tamagotchi, as well as unlock other things on the tamagotchi itself as well as on tama-town. I do think it's rather big. I think that they could have made them a bit smaller from seeing the inside of it on binary's log, but hey, I'm not gonna complain. ~shawdy~ P.S. - I just read THIS TOPIC that BANDAI states that Tama-Go will be available in Toys R Us, Kmart, Target and Wal-Mart nationwide.
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  17. Correction, majority of these pictures are from binary's Tama-Go Log, they are not yours. Claiming information as your own which isn't, is unacceptable!! ~shawdy~ *Topic moved to 'What's On Your Mind'* TamaMumEdit: ... and closed - seeing as the photos have already been posted on TamaTalk in binary's log - this is just duplicating info... In future, if you wish to share more photos of tamagotchis you have found on the internet with the members of this site, please remember to make it very clear in your wording that they are not your own but that you have found them on the internet - this will avoid any misunderstandings.
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  19. I don't think that Walgreens was ever a Tamagotchi retailer. ~shawdy~
  20. *Topic Moved to 'What's On Your Mind?'* If you're allowed, check out . V6 is music star though, you seem a bit confused or I may be wrong. ~shawdy~
  21. I'm not a V6 owner, but I have heard that it is very glitchy. What Pink Memetchi said should probably help, but you can also try resetting and downloading it if it remains the same (or resetting all together). To reset you have to press the little button in the back using a pen or a thin dull tool. ~shawdy~
  22. Please do a general search on the forum using our Search Engine feature before you post questions because many similar questions are asked all the time (exactly like this one). You can also check the Tamagotchi FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to retrieve an answer. Evolution process depends on the version tamagotchi you are referring to. ~shawdy~