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  1. The chart actually says that Donuts, Cherries, Cheesecake and cupcake raise fashion points. I reckon you go to V4 Tama Town and try to purchase these items in the food court if they are there. Playing the game DANCE also raises fashion skill points. ~shawdy~
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  3. - You can get pictures of different Tama characters and print them out in flash-card layout and teach her the names. Then hide the names and have her guess what it is. If she get's it wrong, put it aside for her to learn again, if she get's it right, she can get a sticker?? Something to make her feel that it's worth it. - Print out coloring pages for her - Let her try to draw different characters, or make up her own and give it a name, etc. - If you have any gotchi charms (Click here for an example) you can un-clip them from each other and put each under a plastic cup and tell her which one you want her to find, then you scramble them around. - Play the 12 "Let's Go Tamagotchi" episodes for her to watch (can be found on youtube) That's all I can think of for now. Oh... ilovemakiko MIGHT probably have some great story ideas, I've read one of her stories ( A problem in Tama Town) and thought it was really good. EDIT: Or you can read some from what other members posted as well (The Library - Tamagotchi Fan Fiction) ~shawdy~
  4. On the V4.5 the weight of your tamagotchi is best at about 5 to 10lbs over it's base weight (weight which it won't go under, tama won't allow game play). 1 year in tama age = one day (24hrs). If your V4.5 is only one day old and at 36lbs I reckon you play some games with it! Instead of feeding it so much chocolate bars, play games with it to keep it more healthy as well as keep happy hearts filled. When you win a game it fills all four happy hearts. ~shawdy~
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  8. Tama-Go is the new version Tamagotchi. It has not been released as yet. It will be in stores late summer. ~shawdy~
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  10. Once it's paused the growth will be delayed. The tamagotchi ages after a full 24HR period without being paused. Putting it to sleep (setting the time to a late time such as 9 or 10pm) is a better choice because then it still grows. ~shawdy~
  11. gangster327 ... Please do not post SPAM in the forums, it is against the rules of TamaTalk. As a new member you should take a look at The Rules Pretending to be someone you are not is not a nice thing to do. *Topic Closed*
  12. Pretty neat! I just LOVE Mametchi! I'll be receiving one soon as well! (Thanks to having such a wonderful tamagotchi website and "relationship" with BANDAI) I can't wait to share the joy in owning a pre-released Tama-Go. I'll be sure to post pictures like everyone else ~shawdy~
  13. Thanks everyone I'm very happy to be on the Guides Team once again to give that extra help to the TT community! ~shawdy~
  14. Okay, here I have some details on the jobs available on the V4.5 and what skills you need, etc. There isn't THAT much info on the V4.5 because it is basically just like the V4....only a few things are different. Hope this helps you some what. ~shawdy~
  15. 1 - The V4.5 does not have pets 2 - As long as you take good care of your tama it will be alive, you marry your tama (via a "matchmaker" or with another tamagotchi toy) and they have a baby then you go to another generation 3 - No, there is no house / furniture on the tamagotchi V4.5 Here's a link to a character chart -> Here's a link to some v4.5 info -> Hope that helps a bit. ~shawdy~
  16. Thanks for pointing that out. I was wondering why there were more female adult characters than male ones, and only one female oldie. Thanks for the image and the character name! --- The chart has been edited and uploaded, again. Thanks everyone for chipping in once again. ~shawdy~
  17. Alright I found Shimashimatchi... I'll search for the others and then upload the edited chart. Thanks for the help. And I'll be sure to change the file type ~shawdy~
  18. As you all probably know by now, Music Star and the TamaGO! will be sharing an online "home" (website). So I finally got to log-on on Music City and I was checking out the new features. I created a character chart for the TamaGO! based on the TamaGO! "log in" character shadows that can be viewed. I'm missing a few characters, but here it is. TamaGO! Character Chart ~shawdy~ EDIT: Chart has been edited with missing characters. Still can't find a proper image of Mikazukitchi. Thank you binary for the names of the characters. EDIT: Chart has been fixed properly, now it's complete. Thanks everyone for your help.
  19. Thanks for clearing that up! Well I just need the sleep / wake times in that case! ~shawdy~
  20. far as I know (I haven't played my osu-mesu for a while) you have to mate Osu with Mesu or else it will just stay an adult /oldie until it dies. So no there is no matchmaker function. ~shawdy~
  21. Great! Anyone else have any more info? ~shawdy~
  22. Try taking different care of your tama. There are perfect care characters, good care, okay care, bad care, and horrible care. Let the hearts drop completely for both happy and hunger meters once or twice, etc and you should get a different character. I think it also has to do with the stress level of your character, etc. Here are a couple Character / Growth charts that should help you. ~shawdy~
  23. BANDAI hasn't put a set date on the release of the Tama-GO!, however, it is scheduled to come out LATE summer, probably August. ~shawdy~
  24. I don't own a V6 as yet (unfortunately) but my guess is that it's a random animation (or screen saver if you'll like to call it that) just like how the other versions have animations when you don't press any buttons on your tamagotchi for a while. Eg: V5 looks at the moon/stars out the window at night shortly before going to bed, V1 brushes its teeth before going to bed, etc. ~shawdy~