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  1. I second that comment! Interesting indeed.
  2. I think the closer to the base weight (weight which it won't go under) it is the better chance of getting a better cared for character, such as mametchi. ~shawdy~
  3. This isn't getting anywhere..can you guys please help out?
  4. On the V5 the adult character can use the Dating Channel after 2 days (48hrs) of being an adult. Here are some links that should be useful in the raising/care of your V5 tamagotchi. Lots of useful V5 information >> V5 Tips & Tricks Index (which is pinned in the Tip & Tricks forum here) >> Growth / Character charts can be found in both links. ~shawdy~
  5. Actually the bonding level (as well as which item you select when training) really does determine which character you get on the V5 / V5.5 Chamametchi would have evolved into a Violetchi if the bonding level was 40% to 70%. Violetchi is a medium bond level SMART character. Lovezukintchi on the other hand would evolve from Chamametchi if the bond level is 0% tp 30% because it's a low bond level SMART character. Hope this helps. ~shawdy~
  6. Six's been a LONG time TamaTalk existed. I've been here in and out since 4months of the site being open and I'm very happy to see how it's grown! I learned a lot and helped lots of people. TT is gonna be around as long as we keep it here! Another year to go! HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY TAMATALK!!! ~shawdy~
  7. The most I can sayknow that most likely will deliver them to you is by ordering them off of OR . You shouldn't pay more than $15 for the tamagotchi itself...and probably additional shipping. ~shawdy~
  8. You should be able to use the matchmaker on the dating channel after 2 days, a COMPLETE 48 hours. If you happened to pause your tamagotchi (put it on travel show) then it will take longer for the dating show to be available, as the growth of the character is paused until he/she comes back from the "trip" while the time is still going. ~shawdy~
  9. The battery is most likely low. Same thing happened to one of my V5s and I was pretty confused until I figured that the battery was low. Just pop in a new battery and when you connect it should be fine. Oh just in case, the correc battery is CR2032. ~shawdy~
  10. After going through that topic, I got a little information of what I'm looking for. Some things have me very puzzled, however. Different members posted totally different sleep times for some characters, different toys etc. Please clarify the following. 1- ChaMametchi sleeps at 8:00PM OR 8:45PM ??? 2- Mimitchi favorite toy = book ??? 3- Mametchi sleeps at 8:45PM OR 9:00PM ??? Mametchi favorite toy = tamagotchi ??? 4- Chantochi favorite toy = Bandai Block OR Rabbit ??? 5- Kutchitamatchi wakes at 7:00AM , 7:30AM OR 8:00AM ??? 6- Togetchi wakes at 7:30AM and sleeps 8:45PM ??? 7- Kuromametchi wakes 7:00AM OR 8:00AM ??? 8- Violetchi wakes 7:45AM and sleeps 9PM ??? HERE IS WHAT I HAVE SO FAR Hitodetchi 7:45PM 8:00AM Mirror Tamatchi & Kutchitamatchi 7:45PM ChaMametchi ? 8:00AM Horse Itchigotchi & Ringotchi 9:45PM Mimitchi 8:45PM 7:00AM Memetchi ? ? Mirror Kunoitchi ? ? Rabbit Mametchi ? 8:00AM KuroMametchi 8:45PM Shimashitamatchi 9:00PM 8:00AM Tarakotchi 10:00PM 9:00AM Gozarutchi 9:00PM 8:00AM Please help me to complete the rest! ~shawdy~
  11. Thanks TM! That's exactly what I came across some time back, lol. I'll definitely take my time and look through it thoroughly to see what I can find. Thanks again. As soon as I get done going through that topic I'll post here what info is lacking. ~shawdy~
  12. In addition to need to know whether you have a V4 or a V4.5 because the shop codes are NOT the same. Version 4 has a ball at the top of it's "antenna" and Verion 4.5 has a star. Here are two links to topics here which state he correct shop codes for both versions. Both links provide information on HOW to enter the shop codes at the end of the initial post incase you were doing it wrong. Tamagotchi Version 4 Shop Codes Tamagotchi Version 4.5 Shop Codes Hope this helps you. ~shawdy~
  13. I've made previous spoilers for the previous versions of Tamagotchi Connection. I have been looking around and I'm not quite certain that there is a topic like this already (I think that I have seen one but can't seem to find it now ). In this topic, I would like for you guys here at TT to help me get the sleep, wake times & favorite toys for the V6 characters. You can post it in this format: Character: (character name) Sleeps at: (Example - 8pm) Wakes at: (Example - 8am) Fav. Toy: (Example - I do not have a V6 as yet (unfortunately) so I have no input . Thanks in advance for your help. ~shawdy~ Update: Here is the link to the unfinished chart >> V6 Spoiler
  14. Here is a thread showing discussion and how far our TamaTalk members have gotten in the debugging of the Music Star. Debugging a Tamagotchi V6/Music Star ~shawdy~
  15. Check out THIS link. You can find a link to the item code generator created by a user from tamazone, and more info. ~shawdy~
  16. You can adjust the contrast and make it darker by holding down button B (the 2nd button) and button C (the3rd button), then adjust the contrast. Button A and Button C can then be used to move the curosr to the left (lighter pixels) or to the right (darker pixels). ~shawdy~
  17. Not trying to be rude, but I think MOST (if not all) Tamagotchi owners know this. Please try not to spam aka post useless topics in the forums. Thanks ~shawdy~
  18. You can also try Amazon, I get the majority of my tamagotchis and gotchi gear from there (most of the time free shipping). I agree with binary on the version, or maybe you can gift her a newer version such as the V6 so she can start a whole new experience with tamas. ~shawdy~
  19. Well I can't tell you much, but here is a link to a thread binary replied to with links to useful information Hope that helps! ~shawdy~
  20. Seems like you got urself a TamaFure. TamaSchool Accessory (via Tama Zone) I think binary would probably know more about this. ~shawdy~
  21. The weight level is probably at the lowest so maybe you should wait until you can feed him again. Then try to play the games again. ~shawdy~
  22. To get a Mametchi you have to take Excellent care of your tamagotchi and it must be a BOY on an ODD Genereation (odd meaning gens 1, 3, 5, etc.) You can check out this link, its basically a lot of V6 info compiled on one page and I think it would be very useful for you. Also it would be good to use the "Search" feature here at TT. You can find it in the drop-down menu "EXTRAS" at the top of the page. ~shawdy~
  23. To get your family from a Petit to a Normal family you have to either give it MILK as a Meal, OR let it use the MAGNIFYING GLASS. ~shawdy~
  24. I'm not sure about them being bad care characters, but they aren't rare.They both come on the EVEN generations (2, 4, 6, etc.) on V3. ~shawdy~