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  1. My brother had our cell phone in his pocket when he run to the neighbor's house then it fell out off his pocket (and he didn't notice it) into the snow (it was winter). A couple days later my mom's like "Where is your phone?" and we had no clue where it was. About a couple weeks later we were playing outside and then my sister found it. It survived though! We still have that same phone to this very moment! I'm not sure what is going to happen to your phone, though. Hope it works later!!!!!
  2. school over yet for you???? Different schools have different days school ends. Mine is in June.
  3. Maybe I would be a little happy No, I would be very sad. Although my brother and sister drive me nuts, if they died, I would have no one to play and swim with in the pool and I'd be very lonely.
  4. Yes, I admit it. I used to pick my nose, but now I hardly do it. When my mom or brother caught me doing it, they would make fun of me.
  5. Ummm...I think yes. If I knew right now, then I would be aware of it as my life goes on and maybe live a little longer.
  6. This is completely normal. You don't need to worry
  7. I don't really have any... Your stories are weird!
  8. I'm gonna put a sticky note on the bottom of my mom's computer mouse and write "April Fools!" on it! If you put the sticky note on the bottom of your mouse, try moving the cursor. Its not going to work!!! Really, try it right now!!! I might also switch the sugar and the salt tonight...
  9. Summer bacause no school and I can swim in my pool and play outside without a coat!!!!!!!
  10. Do you have any funny jokes? I know one: "Why did the man put oil on the mice?" Answer: Because they sqeaked!!
  11. I ♥ cookies! Me fav is choco-choco chip(chocolate chip)! -I got that from
  12. Cool! I don't have a Windows Vista so I don't know what apps there are. Try googling "Apps for Windows Vista" or something like that.