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  1. I've written loads! Most of them are in Tamagotchi Fan Fiction (and a lot of them aren't actually about tamagotchis). Go there to see mine
  2. What's your favourite computer game? Mine is WOW (World of Warcraft).
  3. How did you think of your username? Mine is just a few random words (also I am not to be confused with ParentGuardian)
  4. I try to get up as early as I can. I feel that when you get up early, you get more done. When I do wake up at 6.30am or whatever time it is, I desperately try to get out of bed but my eyes are never ready, they refuse to open!
  5. I tried that experiment. I must have made it wrong somehow as slowly, the box began to fill up with shower water. I wouldn't recommend trying it unless you know what you are doing, because as GlamorousRock said 'It's not worth risking getting your tamagotchi wet!' You could try doing it with a metal case that goes all the way around it and has a hole only at the very top. Still quite a risky thing to try. I don't know, what do you think?
  6. Yes, another virtual pet. I bought one by mistake once. As Colortchi said 'Tama' means egg and also 'Kaci' usually means live. So really what they're trying to say is that it's a virtual egg that is alive.
  7. WOW! It's great! Please, please, please write more
  8. We all love tamas, no matter how old we get. We're just embarassed to show our love of them in front of others. If it makes people feel better, like mimitchi&hanatchilover said, not everyone has to know. But everyone should have pleasure, no matter their age.
  9. I hold in the palm of my hand, and except for when I have to do writing. I keep my hand under the table. I glance down at it every now and then. Much more simple and still not noticable.
  10. I think what she means is that if too many people buy Littlest Pet Shop and stay away from tamagotchis, Bandai might stop producing them
  11. 1) What’s your favorite tama design ever? That sort of purple and yellow one 2) Which previous design would you like to see done again on a special edition tama? Snakeskin 3) What’s your favorite tama character? Mimitchi! 4) What themes/hobbies would you like to see in future tamas? (example - Music Star’s theme of music) Maybe a logic / mathematical game. I love those!
  12. PowerPalz are A MASSIVE SCAM! They are about 1/100th as good as tamagotchis. Don't buy one! Don't make that mistake