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  1. Hi everyone, I recently rekindled my passion for tamagotchi and bought a second hand Japanese angelgotchi. On my third try I ended up with a ghost jr who didn’t turn into maruten the first day, whose AP maxed out at 90, and after looking around the internet I realized this is what happens in rare cases where it evolves into Lucky Unchikun instead. it’s now the 7th day (I counted, I’ve messed with the times a bit that changed its age) and my tama is still a ghost jr (baby), and I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong that’s stopping it from evolving? I’ve mostly taken good care of it, keeping the hungry and happy hearts are filled out, discipline bar full and AP is kept at 90. I might have had some care misses on the first day though, because I was trying to get the bad care teen before realising it was Ghost jr. who didn’t evolve I’m pretty bummed because this seems to be a really rare occurrence... does anyone know how you’re supposed to treat Ghost Jr. to allow it to turn into Lucky Unchikun? Any specific AP range it should be kept at? (Eg maybe I shouldn’t keep it at 90? And let it drop?) thanks so much in advance!!!
  2. Hello, I just got a keitai akai and I'm on my 4th generation now... I was wondering what are the ways to fill the training bar? I don't know if I did the right thing but when I saw it angry/mad I praised it and it did nothing (the training bar didn't go up) The next time it got mad I punished it instead but it got angry at me (with the angry tone) and the training bar stayed the same. What am I supposed to do to earn training? I've gotten the worst care characters (Kurokotchi and Gozarutchi) for three generations now and I want to try getting better characters Is it simply a glitch that happens on mine? Any tips will be greatly appreciated...thanks so much in advance!!