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  1. So many... Tamagotchies, Pokemon, at the moment especially JEDWARD, Tumblr, Youtube...
  2. Well, I'm 17 and I just put a battery on a Tamagotchi today I missed them so much, I had to! I don't think it matters how old you are if you love them.
  3. Does anyone here like Jedward? I love them so much! For those who don't know, they're twins John and Edward Grimes, an Irish pop-duo. Check out their newest music video, Young Love!
  4. Hi everyone!! I haven't been here for almost a year but now I'm back! :D

  5. Yeah, I got it, you like pie, but... XD Okay, maybe I don't have to know.

  6. I think I jsut realized the real meaning of Christmas. I mean, I know I'm gonna get all these cool presents, like a new cellphone and stuff... But I don't really care about them. I don't know why, but all that matters is that me and my family are together. :) Seriosly, no joke.

  7. oh, it's i like pie XD

  8. ....What did your comment mean ? :DD


  10. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album, mascara, powder, earrings, chocolate and salmiakki (if you don't know that is - go google it). Probably something else too x3
  11. Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album :3 I bought it today. Song playing right now: Not Like the Movies - Katy Perry
  12. bought Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album today ^^ I know, it's not even that new anymore but I fell in love with some of the songs recently

  13. I want a new Tamagotchi :( Has anything after Music Star came out in Europe yet?

    1. Tama_dude2010


      No tamas in europe have been discontinued. :(

  14. Math exam tomorrow. You can't really study for it, can you?

  15. A - Apple type: Wait, Apple type? Does this mean real apples or does Ipod Nano count? LOL B - Bed size: Hmm.. It's a loft bed. C - Chore you hate: Chore? I don't really do 'em LOL but maybe cleaning. D - Dog's name: What dog?! :l E - Essential start to your day item: Breakfast. The first thing I get my hands on in the morning. F - Favorite color: Pink <3 Oh, how much I love pink <3 G - Gold or Silver: Gold H - Height: Last time I checked, 163 cm. Use a converter if you don't use cm's... I - Instruments you play(ed): Err... None really, except for recorder. (We had to learn to play it in school) J - Job title: ...Student? K - Kid(s): You've got to be kidding me... L - Looks like: Well, whatever black and red haired 15 year old girl with a round face looks like. M - Marshmallow fights: WTFudge? N - Nicknames: Rose ^^ O - Overnight hospital stay other than your birth: None ^^ *proud of it' P - Pet Peeve: People that chew xylitol gum. Itsmells horrible!!! Q - Quote from a movie/video game/tv show: Hmm.. "Down the bridge!" R - Right or left handed: Rightie~ S- Siblings: None, sadly.. A half sister though. T - Time you wake up: Depends. Either 6:30 or 7:30, on weekends anywhere from 9 am to 12 am lol! U- Underwear color: Err... *checks* Grey! xDDD V - Vegetable you dislike: I can't stand BEET!! W - Ways you run late: When I'm tired and slow on the mornings. LOL But I'm usually never late... X - X-rays you've had: I think the only X-ray I've ever had was from my ankle... Y - Yummy food you make: Tiramisu. :3 Z - Zoo favorite: The lion. It's always the coolest. _____________________________ FAVORITES: Food→ Pasta. Oh, yummy~ Drinks → Moomin limonade. Cola too. xD Clothing→ My pink WESC hoodie <3 Books → Twilight HEY, STOP LAUGHING! Music → Lot's of good ones Genre? Pop. Flower→ Rose (hence my name) Colors → Pink, like I said. Also, black with pink. Movies → Twil... Miyazaki movies! xD Hobby → Making Youtube videos, drawing, reading, writing, etc... _____________________________ THIS OR THAT: coke or pepsi? Pepsi, though I don't drink it much. Harry Potter or Twilight? I don't really like Harry Potter, so Twilight. comedy or horror? Comedy! Horror sucks! D: red or blue? Red~ sun or moon? Hmm... sun. orange or green? Orange. Anything closer to pink xD pink or purple? Guess... taylor lautner or robert pattinson? Rob, Taylor's such a show off! David Archuleta or David Cook? ...Who? Maybe I'm just dumb. dark chocolate or white chocolate? White. Dark tastes awful. winter or summer? Summer, most definetly. apples or banana's? Tough one... I'll choose apples. _____________________________ WOULD YOU RATHER? bungee jump or skydive? Skydive. Bungee sounds just... *shiver* get a bad sunburn or never go in the sun again? I'd rather never go... :/ Not a sun-atic here. break your arm or break your leg? Leg... Run outside naked or get electrocuted? Run outside naked xD No-one said there has to be people around! Be attacked by a swarm of bees or be trapped in a lion's cage for a whole day? Lions cage. Who knows, it might be a nice lion? Get eaten by ants or by a lion? A lion. Being eaten by ants sounds painful.